AI Assistant

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I went in search of some ai information today and discovered a podcast that mentioned an experiment someone did using chat gpt to creat a business.

I know this video is a bit long and you do not have to watch the whole thing but I think this idea is in the first thirty minutes.

I then remembered there was something like this recently going on here in hive. I have read the first two but lost track after that. I would love it if someone can bring this back to my attention.

The thing I wanted to mention in this post is that textual ai is great for an assistant. I believe with the help of human ingenuity, ai can be great.

I discovered earlier this year. What that is, is a search engine accessible ai that was created in 2020. Then about a month ago I came across an open source ai on youtube. Open Assistant. This is still in development but this video goes into more detail about it. The man who made the video is one of the creators and goes into detail about some of the features.

I would love to see more people on hive sharing their artificial intelligence experiences.

Remember that ai is still being developed and may give incorrect information. YouBot told me my father died before I was conceived. So be sure to double check the information unless you are using ai to create a story.

Before I close, I want to give a word of warning that it is not acceptable on hive to copy paste from a textual ai. If you do so and get caught you will be stuck on a downvote trail unless you decide to do the walk of shame by making a post claiming you did such a thing. You will then be required to post daily for a set amount of time.