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It stands for Inter Planetary File System and what it does is manage data without a central server on an open system. I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across this tweet. I have been a fan of the idea for quite some time and it may have been the reason I decided to join Blockchain.

The thing about this post that caught my attention was the IPNS

IPNS is a decentralized naming system that allows you to create a mutable reference to an immutable CID. With IPNS, you can create a persistent address that always points to the latest version of your content, even as it changes over time.

Of course the whole reason I clicked on the above link was to find out about Helia.

Scrolling down to the Example section it goes into a little more detail

This example shows dynamic-content replication using IPLD, IPNS, and Provider Records. There are 3 helia (IPFS) nodes running in a single script, named client1, client2, and server. client1 and client2 dial server and use the /ipfs/kad/1.0.0 protocol. After dialing, clients can add IPNS and Provider records to the DHT server. Clients also add IPLD data to server programmatically.

And it gives a
to the github repository.

Somewhere along the lines I lost track of what was going on with IPFS until I saw a tweet earlier this year stating they were back from hiatus.

I want to tie this in to something I have been working on for the last couple years. Yes. It is taking me a while because I was not a good student while at school. That was my socialization time and I only did the work I needed to get by and not fail the grade level.

It is a mix of science and technology. Of course when I saw my first IPFS video I was astounded that it would be possible to be online without internet. What I want to do is creat something like Helium.

I'm not sure if Helium is a thing anymore but I think it would be great to have something akin to nodes using old satellite dishes. The only problem is, I have very little tech skill. I'm learning to program but due to the fact I'm still in the middle of organizing my files to make room for the needed software for programming it is taking me more time then should be necessary.

I did manage to get two satellites a few years back, thanks to @travelingcrafter and her husband. Aside from wanting to know how the LNB works, I also need to re-cable them.

Anyway. If you wanna know more, IPFS news letter can be signed up for by scrolling to the bottom of the first link page or by going to the Blog And News page

Last but not least I saw a tweet sometime last month where IPFS has joined BlueSky.

All of this is fascinating stuff and I can't wait to learn more about what they are working on.

If course if I have any readers interested in my IPFS project and would love to help me out in ANY way I would be greatful.


I admire your passion and dedication to exploring IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and its potential. Your interest in IPNS (InterPlanetary Naming System) and dynamic-content replication showcases your curiosity and drive to learn.

While you admit to being a beginner in terms of technical skills, your enthusiasm is commendable. Remember that learning takes time, and with perseverance, you can make progress. Don't hesitate to seek help from the IPFS community and utilize available resources like the IPFS newsletter and Blog and News page.

Your vision of creating something akin to Helium using old satellite dishes is inspiring. Take it one step at a time and reach out to others who share your interest. Collaboration and assistance can help you achieve your goals.

Stay focused, embrace the learning process, and don't be discouraged. Your dedication to your IPFS project is remarkable, and I believe it will lead you to great achievements.

Best of luck on your journey with IPFS.



Connecting without internet... makes me think of Nikola Tesla and free energy. But that's a discussion for another day...

I'm curious... I looked through our "mutual servers" and didn't see the following:


Thought it might help to further expand your horizons! Let me know... won't you?

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