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I think I wrote about this discord bot once before. I am writing today to tell you readers that the creator has grown tired of trying to maintain a bot that was only meant for one server and is calling it quits.

A little background on the project from the project read me page...

About The Project
Writer Bot began life as a small project for one writing server on discord of which I was a member. We were using a sprint bot, but I thought it would be quite handy to have more functionality, so decided to make my own bot for the server to use. This original version of the bot was written in node.js, using the discord.js library.
After releasing it to that server, as an after-thought I decided to add it to one of the discord bot lists, in case anyone else found it useful.
The bot soon became quite popular, being added to hundreds, then thousands of servers, and it became quite apparent that the way I had made it, just wasn't suited to lots of servers and there were lots of problems. So I decided to re-write the entire thing in Python instead and try to make it function better across multiple servers.
However, the bot continued to suffer poor performance and a re-write was done in a new python discord library. That proved to be a bust, as it didn't work properly, and so a 4th re-write was done, cycling back to the start and using discord.js.
At the time of writing this, the bot is now in over 19,000 servers and (for the most part) is going strong.

This is quite a history for this bot. I would LOVE to see this picked up by someone in hive with some added features (brainstorming for one). Maybe we could keep it in discord but also modify it to run on hive as well.

I have not used this bot in a while but figured since I had home internet I would do some work on my private server before allowing others to join and I went into Writer-Bot to see what news there may be. Sadly the creator will cease work on it sometime in the next two months.

There is a lot of creative potential here, unfortunately cwarwicker was doing it all himself. I believe with a good team of dedicated individuals writer-bot could have evolved into something great.

There is still time for a small grooup to step up and provide the necessary changes needed to continue and perhaps make this a better application than what it currently is.

Are there any skilled programming hivians that are willing to step up and take this on?