Thoughts on Wealth management

In these times, when the crypto space has seemingly collapsed into itself, one has to wonder what could have been done in hindsight during the bullrun. I mean how could one have invested the profit made in preparation for the bear market?


Some days ago, I watched on curiosity channel the history of wall street and saw how some players were enraptured by the bull run of 1830s when stock prices skyrocketed and people were making a killing on stock exchange floors and how, though some brokers warned of a downturn, nobody listened and everybody paid the price in one of the worst depressions ever experienced in the western world. Though the present bear market can not be compared to stocks falling to rock bottom prices at that time, we should at least know that the law of gravity holds true in financial trade as in physics. How can one prepare for the bear market?

If you consider difficult it is as a broke person who suddenly gets an influx of money without any supporting structure of cash flow to attempt saving something or investing, you will see why lottery winners rarely remain rich. It is hard. One has to be prepared for wealth.

It is true that it is possible to make sudden wealth on this crypto space but what is more important is the knowledge of systems that will not only retain the wealth but also turn it into a continually generating financial base. This is the key. If I had a system of investment set out as a scaffold to my forays into crypto trading, I won't be worried about a bear market. I will not only know that the bear market is inevitable, I will already have structures in place to fall victim to vagaries of the market.

It is important therefore, as traders, as early birds in this world of computerized wealth, to be prepared, to have a system ready for the downturn. What this system should be, I do not know. I hope someone out there does and a functional product can be created which will save the noob from losing their investments one week into bear market. Thanks.