Mountain Thai style Korean BBQ #LOL


This is a little hard to name when it comes to English. In Thai we call 'Moo Kata' meaning, pork & pan or more like, pork on a pan. I had a hard time so trying to look it up what exactly it is called, seems like people are having the same problems, and here are a few terms we could use for this type of meal that we will get into in a bit: Thai Barbecue, Korean Barbecue in Thai Style (this one is my most favorite #lol), Thai Barbecue Buffet, etc.

Thai style Korean BBQ

I think this is one of the best invented way to cook/eat

Yup, I think that's a good name for it! It's more like this do-it-yourself bbq hotpot + pan with load tons of meat, veggies and other things. Another term I would use for it, 'Yakiniku', Most of the time it's buffet/all you can eat kind of meal. As mentioned, yes, I think this is one of the best invented way to cook/eat as you got both grills and soup 2 in 1.

Why Thai style Korean BBQ? I guess this style of eating are influenced by Korean cuisine and now that Thai people start to eat it everywhere and started to invent our own way like some dipping sauces, soups, it has just become.. Thai style Korean BBQ

NP Shabu-Moo Kata, Khao Kho

Khao Kho is a district in Petchabun surrounded by mountain and untouched nature. The weather is cool almost year round. Totally a good spot for having some great Thai style Korean BBQ so, there are tons of those everywhere.

First night we got there, there we go, Thai style Korean BBQ it was, no doubt! We went with NP Shabu-Moo Kata. Super local like and the environment is great as it's open air so we can really be close to the nature like we wanted to! Quite a good variety of meat and vegetables as well as deep fried dishes like, french fries, meat balls, chicken nuggets, and all.

This was 250 THB ($8) per person so I think that's pretty good. Totally recommend finding one of these types of meal as surely, totally one of the best types of food to have in this weather!

Yay or nay?

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