WHY I love Amanta Hotel!


You know I'm a foodie if you have been following my blog for a while. There's not so many reasons that would make me feel in love with any hotel. A soft bed, good service, strong shower and maybe.. a really really good breakfast buffet. No, that's not it, there a little bit of surprises if you keep reading..

Amanta Hotel

Amanta Hotel is a 3 star hotel in Nong Khai, a city in Northeastern Thailand that lies on the Mae khong River. It got good reviews and the room is about $35 a night. Everything looks good and the booking system also showed that a very good breakfast comes with it so there I went. In general, the service is good, the room is great. All clean, spacious and relatively new.

Beer Laos with such a view!

On the way going up to the room, I saw an advertisement for a rooftop bar and restaurant. Bamn! Here comes the first surprise. We didn't know there was any rooftop stuff (which I love) at all there. That first night after all the food we had at a steak house, a walking street and a Vietnamese restaurant. I know! A bit much for dinner but that was a good dinner we had! Anways.. After all the food we had, we're back at the hotel's rooftop to go enjoy the view and a few beers.

The hotel is not right by the river, it's a street and one block away. This rooftop make it just perfect to see the river view and even another country across the river, Laos. With the music, the breeze, and Beer Laos we had, that was a really chill night and we loved it.

GM! Wakey Breaky!

One thing I love so much about staying at any high(er) end hotel is their breakfast buffet. Not because of the amount but more of the variety I could have all at once. Here at Amanta Hotel, I didn't expect anything so special other than what any hotels would offer but.. here comes another surprise! It's not just a continental breakfast like most do offer. Well, I mean, there is that but also some other things. Thai food, western food, and most impressive ones in my opinions are the local food!

Yes! They serve the Laotian-ish and Isaan (northestern) Thai food. Something like hard boiled eggs with chilli paste, some of the dessert and snacks I had no idea what they were and of course, never had any of those myself. It was indeed exotic! It's a good morning surprise and I loved it!

There you go, those are reasons and surprises why I love Amanta hotel and sure would recommend you guys to check it out if you ever pass by the city. It's lovely!

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Oh .... I want try this wine what they have :)) ... I just last day was drink one here .... but this here in photo look like they are very good :))