In my continued effort to bring you low quality, repetitive, cyclical, drivel on a weekly basis, in a change from the precious metals related rhetoric i usually bang on about, i now offer to you my loyal followers, a bang average #splinterlands blog.

Without much thought, or deep contemplation, ill be sharing with you few brave souls that have taken the time to read this post, my weekly BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge!. The "share your battle" challange has ended, where the @splinterlands team asked you to share a battle with a specific monster, and now its more about a specific ruleset. This new weekly challenge definitely has its upside, as it allows a wider audience to take part, even when their battle decks are limited.


This week, the team over at #splinterlands has asked us to share a battle with the ruleset "EXPLOSIVE WEAPONRY". As the name suggests, all monsters taking part in the battle gain the "blast" ability....

This ruleset, can completely flip a battle on its head! Conventional battle plans go straight out the window, it also creates a whole new style of play. Think of it as giving all your monsters that extra punching power that can travel and monsters either side of the opponents monster tou attack.

YODIN ZAKU is a great example of a summoner that gives "blast" and we all know how devastating he can be. My strategy for this ruleset is to stike hard, and strike fast. This way you can cause maximum damage early on and hope to yake out as many of your opponents monsters before they have the chance to attack!

Lets go play #splinterlands...... Its not like you can pick and choose the rulesets for every battle! After playing what seemed like my full allocation of 50 battles, i finally came across the ruleset i was waiting for:


But doing what #splinterlands does best, they threw a spanner in the works by adding two additional ruleset alongside Even Stevens just to mess with my mind and really get me thinking.

BRIAR PATCH: All monster have the thorns ability.

Taking these rulesets in to consideration and the summoner choices available to me, I actually decided that for this specific battle, with these specific ruleset, I would pick my tried and tested LVL5 ALRIC STORMBRINGER to use some pretty hard hitting water splinter monsters. My thinking is that there are a lot of magic cards available to me, and by selecting an all magic lineup, I can avoid any extra damage from the thorns ruleset nownin play also.


The best way to avoid thorns is to use ranged/magic attack monsters, and since my "sacrificial" creeping ooze was purely there to give me a speed advantage and absorb the first big attack, I was pretty sure it would be an attack and not thorns that would take it out. The speed boost from my spirit miner and ruler of the sea would see me get at least a few good shots in early.

Putting two high health monsters in the tank and second position should ensure they can stand their own for thenfirst couple of rounds. Add to that my lvl 3 Mermaid Healer in the last position, will mean a little bit of health is added to the monster suffering from blast effects every round.

Watch how this battle played out HERE

Once the two teams are revealed, I always have a quick look at my opponents set up, before hitting rumble. I like to playout in my head how i think the battle will unfold. I try and predict what i think the outcome may be, and judge how well my opponents have set up thier team.

From the get-go i noticed that this was going to be a very difficult battle. Whilst my monsters had what looked like the attack points advantage, my opponent looked to have a great tank, and a monster i personally love playing - LORD ARIANRHUS. With small margins for error, its often teams that strike first inevitably go on to win the battle, thankfully thats how it went.

The stage was set, two strong "Water splinter" teams were sure to give a great battle.


I did strike first, and as expected my creeping ooze took the brunt of his first attack. We exchanged attacks and his LA and CO fell in the first round. The battle started as I expected. My magic attack monsters causing general havoc..... I took first blood, and round 2 got under way, it started to look ominous for my opponent at this point.

With neither of us opting to put a monster with "refection shield", so every hit was doing more and more damage. Luckily for me, one of hisnlargest attacks from his ruler of the sea missed, thanks to phase from my Djin.


In a single round the damage was done and there was no going back now. Victory looked certain and would be just a round away. His ranged attack monster is now a sitting duck and just like that the battle was over..... far quicker than i expected too!!

There was no stopping my magic attacks now. The end was in sight and there was nothing that could stop me from blasing my way to a resounding victory.


Whilst the victory came pretty easy in the end, if a few missed attacks hadnt have happened, this certainly could have gone differently.

Actually...... using the SPLINTERTOOL page, the battle wasnt as close as originally thought. Turns out there was no way i was going to lose or would ever lose with this set-up.


Would you have picked a different team/combonation? If so let me knownin the comments below.


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This game is another school on its own, have been trying to study it but dont really have the time for that. As the monsters are too much to know their ability and when to choose each for a fight