My sketch drawing Cristiano Ronaldo, part 07


Hello sketchbook friends, this time I will give you my new work,


I made this work as a gift for my friend who loves football, Cristiano Ronaldo fan, I made this painting in about 1 hour so this painting was finished, one week before his birthday we both told about a football star he loves, namely Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a big fan of him. this one football star, so that posters filled with Cristiano Ronaldo posters, when his birthday arrived I gave a gift with the contents of a Cristiano Ronaldo painting
but soon he contacted me that he was very happy with the gift of a painting of Cristiano Ronaldo. And I also made this painting as my YouTube content, and if you want to see the tutorial process, you can visit my YouTube video WIEN ART, I hope you like the tutorial, and if you like this video you can subscribe and like it.
Here's a photo of the manufacturing process





As for the material I used, I only used a sheet of paper and an 8b pencil and a Conte pencil, indeed for the results of this painting there are still many shortcoming
I did this painting at night when it was late because I needed a calmer, cooler atmosphere and not a lot of noise that's when I started working and came up with good ideas,
Indeed, making a painting depends on what we want, there are also times when we are bored, "how do you think you must feel too, right?" therefore I look for a cool and quiet atmosphere, at home I also facilitate a simple room where I work.
Maybe that's all I can share with you all and I hope you like my work amen...
Success for sketchbook communication. Good luck. Next content


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