Hello everyone and welcome to my blog at this hour. As every day passes by we are faced with the challenge of making several decisions. These decisions may be as trivial as deciding what to eat, what to wear, what movie to watch, what game to play or what cologne to spray. While others may be significant such as deciding whom to marry, the choice of career, the kind of company to keep and what to say to someone or what to do during the day, etc. Some of these decisions can be made single-handedly while we need to consult people for others. Well, sit back, relax and enjoy all that I have packaged for your reading pleasure.

Most of the decisions we make on a daily basis are often impacted by our knowledge, experience and skills. Whenever we are faced with making a decision the experience or knowledge we have about the issue always come to fore. These factors can be key to making good decisions but on the other hand we may end up making wrong decisions due to the fact that we think we know what we don't know.

This can be simplified by using a classroom setting. There are times when teachers will ask questions in class and a student will confidently raise his hands to answer the question. The student will answer the question full of confidence only to be told that he or she is wrong. Too much confidence about what you think you know or the experience you've had may affect your decision making.

There are people who will not agree with the fact that they are not well-informed about a particular field or scope. There are some who are informed but they are misinformed, that is, the information they have is not from a reliable source. Basically, they are armed with the wrong knowledge and unknowingly it will affect their decision-making in life unless they come to terms with that fact and get the right information.

This reminds me of a lady who was celebrating her birthday with a couple of friends in her apartment. There were plans to make foods, snacks and drinks available. In a way to show her culinary skills, the celebrant volunteered to prepare the fried rice for the event on her own and told her friends that were assisting her not to bother about it. She haven't cooked one before but she have watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube which gave her the impression that she can kill it. To cut the long story short, the food she prepared was a mess and they had to quickly get new ingredients to prepare another food before the arrival of the guests. In her case, she made the wrong decision due to her overconfidence.

Have you ever guessed or predicted a situation or occurrence right at one point or another in your life? If yes, Bravo! Well, sometimes your instinct may be right in making the right decision but it is not totally always right. Let's take for instance, you may have guessed that your partner's extra sweet and romantic attitude to you in the last 24 hours is a sign that they are trying to make up for their wrongdoings (that you have not even noticed) because you have seen it in the movies but it may only be that they just feel like giving you a nice treat. This kind of situation is based on chance and your predictions may not always be right. This kind of decision-making technique can also impact your decisions in life where you base your decision on past experiences.

It is important to stay woke and be aware of the drawback that can hinder your decisions in life.

All contents are originally written by me, @williams-owb


Williams Oluseyi is a Linguist by discipline from one Africa's Most Prestigious Citadel of Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University. He developed interest for blogging at very early stage which motivated him to study English Language in College. He is a prolific writer, an inquisitive and judicious reader, to say the least. To get his daily bread, he is currently working in a Logistics company in Nigeria.
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It is important to be aware of our surrounding and try to stay as informed as possible. Knowledge they say is key