Movie recommendations Day 7 - A weekend away (2022) you might like it.

It is me again with yet another movie recommendation you might like.
I haven’t been seeing movies lately why? Because I’ve been so completely obsessed with a new cartoon series I just started.

Well that aside, I recently saw a movie and it was so good I’d love to share the review with you.

The Weekend Away.

A 2022 American movie, category - Thriller.
The movie was directed by Kim Farrent and is based off on a novel by Sarah Alderson, TWO FRIENDS LEFT, ONLY ONE CAME BACK.


Beth, a new young mom got invited to a girls vacation in Croatia by her best friend Kate.

Context to their friendship:
Beth and Kate have been besties since they were little. They have a completely different personalities that balances each other out.
Beth is the quiet responsible lady that doesn’t take risks. While Kate is a wild card and she’s prepared to take any risk.

After much persuasion, Beth agreed to the girls trip invitation involving just the two of them.
Unknown to her, that single naive decision would cost her everything.
Upon arriving Croatia to the beautiful and luxurious apartment her best friend rented, everything was going good.
They talked about their marriages and their struggles which led to Kate initiating that they go to the club to dance away their worries.


As usual Beth was a bit hesitant but with Kate’s smooth talk, they both got ready and headed to the club.

They had their drunk fest and later found themselves at their apartment with two foreign guys.
Total black out for Beth, till the next day she woke up and couldn’t find her best friend in the apartment.

She alerted the landlord but nothing. She couldn’t inform the police because it wasn’t up to 48 hours her friend got missing so she decided to investigate on her own.
Her only acquaintance was the taxi driver that took them to the club and back which for all she know, he might also be a suspect.

On her mission to finding out the real story behind her missing friend’s case and the culprits behind it, she discovered an even more agonizing truth being that her husband and the father to her new born child was cheating on her with someone she would’ve never suspected.

chats between her husband and his mistress

From there, the story continues with an innocent American lady in a foreign country where she has no friends, seized passport, she might be a prime suspect to her best friend’s missing case, can’t trust anyone and is on her own to figure out the truth in order to clear her name.


Once again I love love love a movie with an unpredictable and pragmatic twists but did this movie deliver? 100% yes!
I won’t lie this movie wasn’t only entertaining but it was suspenseful and educative as well.
I admire Beth’s bravery. Despite being a quiet and unproblematic lady, she was somewhat fearless irregardless of her life threatening situation.

The twist in this movie just kept getting more and more dire than the last.
From finding out her landlord was a pervert that planted hidden cameras all over the apartment to finding out it was all a set up.. oops 🙊 or was it not?

Further more, it was so confusing to point out the true villain in this movie. I have to give credits to the writers for this one.
Although asides that, this movie gave me maximum trust issues, sometimes it’s the ones that seem dangerous that are even more trustworthy.

Is it really ”The devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t know” OR “The Angel you know might be worse than the devil you don’t know”.

This movie gave me that food for thought.

The writers did their magic in this film, every scene was logical even despite the twists.
The actors and actresses too were incredibly convincing. Especially Beth the lead actress played by Leighton Meester.
I though she played the role so effortlessly, with no exaggeration. It just came natural and easy.

I’ll give this movie a sounding 4/5 star rating.

Even if I didn’t expect the last twist, the movie ended well and everyone got what they deserved.
Certainly worth a watch.



I didn't like it 😄


This wolf lady 😩
What part did you not like?


It was annoying me. Beth was doing that dumb female lead thing.

I wrote a review here


I just read your review and I totally understand you but I mean Beth has always been an introvert so I think that dumb act was acceptable.
And she was brave enough to handle some decisions on her own plus at the end I was so proud of her for what she did.

The only annoying part for me was with the landlord sha