A day would not pass that my Principal in secondary school would not tell us during the assembly that "rest is sweet after hard labor" in a bid to encourage us to fasten our seat belt and not get tired in our academics. This simply translates that for us to be successful, we should not quit. The pain of studying may last for a while only if you succeed but it will last longer if you fail. Winners never quit and quitters never win is also a popular saying that you'd have heard at least once.


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So many people have failed in their academics, career, marriage, fitness journey and so on because they chose the easier route - they quitted. They do not stand up to the challenge and fight till the end. The people that make it in life are not the people who didn't face any challenge or obstacles but it is the people who despite the were faced with challenges, they didn't quit.

We'd not be in this phase that we are in the world if the great men and women in different areas of life such as the medical sector, financial sector, science and technology, food industry and so on had quitted. We are enjoying the benefits of someone's hard work, dedication and persistence today. What would have happened if Thomas Edison gave up when he failed while he was trying to invent the light bulb? The freedom we enjoy in the world today is the struggle of some great men and women. We may be unable to express ourselves freely if not for the intervention of these people who didn't quit even when all odds were against them. An example is Nelson Mandela that fought against apartheid in South Africa.

Take some moment to read Napoleon Hill's opinion about quitting and winning -

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step BEYOND their greatest setback and failure.
This leads me to believe that most people have failed and quit right before their greatest achievement was about to occur. Often, there was just one more step needed. If you aim to achieve some sort of greatness in your life, the task will not be an easy one, and you’ll want to quit multiple times.


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In order to remove quitting from your head, remind yourself about the reason why you started at first. You didn't start something because you just want to start it for fun but because you are not comfortable in your present state and you want to move on to the next level in your career, business or marriage. Constantly remind yourself that you don't want to remain stagnant and you want to make yourself happy by achieving your desired goals irrespective of all the challenges you encounter in the process.


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Also, change your mentality of challenges and you'd see how far you'd go in life. The bigger the challenge we face in life, the bigger the winnings. We often get discouraged when we are faced with one or two challenges without seeing it as a ladder to the next phase of our lives. A challenge does not mean it is the end of the world, rather it signifies the beginning of a new beginning.

Let me conclude with the words of Ruben Gonzalez. He says "Develop the courage to start, and once you start, develop the courage to not quit."