It is in the nature of humans to make a decision to stay in our comfort zones, doing what we are used to and not considering learning new things. We find it difficult to break away from our shell and explore the great potentials that is embedded in us due to the fact we always like an easy approach to life and we are afraid of failure.


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Time does not wait for anyone and it's better to make certain decisions that will propel us to move to the next level of our life. There are some people who work in a toxic environment but they do not make any attempts to quit the job in search of a better one because of fear. The fear of not getting another job or the fear of how to start from the scratch. The rate at which the world is changing is so rapid that only the brave ones that make great moves can only benefit from the abundance of opportunities in life.

It is crystal clear that we all make efforts to make money to cater for our needs and that of the family, which is not always easy - it comes with stress and demands other resources such as mental and physical. However, we should always give room for developing our skills so that we'd not be left behind in today's fast-growing world. These are some of the sacrifices that we need to make and on the long run we'd realize that it is worth it.


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The habit of learning new things in life puts us ahead of our peers in our chosen career. A person that has more certification, experience, skills would definitely be considered for a position before someone who doesn't make any move to improve on himself or herself. It is more advantageous to take the pain and undergo the stress of learning new skills rather than remaining in a stagnant point.

So many years ago, most people earn a living by leaving the four corners of their house to an office, store, shop or site before they can earn a living. But, today you can sit in the comfort of your bedroom and earn a living. For instance, through blockchain blogging sites like this. This is how fast the world is revolving and in order not to be left out, we've got to always update ourselves and follow the moving train.


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Well, we still have people that doubt the fact that you do not necessarily have to leave the four corners of your house before you earn some cool cash. When they are being introduced to ways by which they can work from home, they feel it's a waste of time and unseriousness. These are people who have refused to upgrade themselves and get acquainted with new trends. People with such mentality would have missed out on so many great opportunities in our world today.

In conclusion, I encourage us to be open to learning new things and not stay comfortable in our comfort zone. We should always try new things and not be afraid to take a new bold step.