Cheating is one of the top reasons for breakups in relationship and divorce in marriage, however, no one in a right frame of mind get into a relationship with the intentions of cheating,unless there have been ulterior motives from the onset. A cheating partner who is not happy with the act must take up the responsibility of of figuring out the reason why they were caught in the webs of cheating on their partner. Some partners feel cheating is the next option when their relationship is getting boring and they are not getting the vibes they desire. This is a very common reason so many people cheat in marriages or relationships.


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But, it is a selfish decision to cheat on your partner for that reason. There is no doubt about the fact that some factors such as work, lack of finance, kids etc can reduce how adventurous your relationship use to be but you can speak to your partner about it and develop ways to address the issues together as one. When couples starts to birth children they may not have enough time for themselves like before such as going to the movies, recreational centres etc. In other to bring back the spark in your relationship, it is better to talk about it rather than cheating.

Some other reasons people decide to cheat:
  1. People tend to cheat in relationship during the period when they are having crisis in their relationship. During this period of disconnectedness partners may rely on other people to remain happy and forget about the worries in their relationship and before you know it they have done what they don't want to do (or what they actually want to do). Sometimes, crying shoulders turn to cheating shoulders.
  2. People cheat when their financial, emotional and sexual needs are not met in a relationship.
  3. People cheat when they are getting advances that they can not resist from other people.

Even after figuring one or more reasons why people can cheat in a relationship, there is another daunting task of deciding whether or not you want to remain in the relationship. The guilt of cheating on your partner may be hunting you and all you want to do is approach them to forgive you for your actions.

But, it's not easy at all. There is no manual for dealing with cheating in a relationship. No two relationship is the same, the reaction of the partner on the receiving end can not be predicted as well.

First, you must find a good time to talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife about it and how best to present this sensitive issue to them. Then, you apologize without trying to give any excuses for your actions. Your apologies must be sincere from your heart and this will be a deciding factor whether your partner want to forgive you or not.

If you are lucky enough to be pardoned, you must make a conscious effort to stop any form of communication with the person you cheated with - if you don't want to fall in the same trap one more time. Lastly, do not be angry if your partner reacts to the news of being cheated on by giving your attitude, space or even angry for some time. It is normal but physical violence of any kind should not be tolerated whatsoever.