Revenge Is Not Always An Option, Try Forgiveness


Cheating can be painful in romantic relationships and the way some people try to get back at their partner is to give them a taste of their own medicine by cheating on them with someone else.


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But, is cheating the best response for getting back at your partner who cheated?

Most people are of the opinion that if they cheat on a partner who cheated it will bring about the change they want in them, even though they may not fully replicate the exact act of their partner. In some cases, they may give their partner the impression that they are cheating so that they can also feel the pain. For example pretending to be chatting with a supposed lover or intentionally keeping late nights to give an impression that they are seeing some else.

Cheating can take two major forms, that is, sexual or emotional. As the name implies, sexual cheating is when one partner is having sexual relations with another person other than his or her partner while emotional cheating is when one partner is emotionally attached to another person other than his or her partner. Emotional cheating can sometimes be a ladder to sexual cheating. A person who is cheating emotionally is always giving so much time and attention to the other person outside of the relationship to the detriment of his or her spouse.

There are a number of factors that a partner who want to revenge put into consideration before deciding whether or not to do it. This could include the way they discovered the act, the person the partner is cheating with, the type of cheating (sexual or emotional), if the cheating partner is remorseful or not among others. The need to revenge may be at the peak if the partner cheated with let's say one of the other partner's friend.

We've seen cases where a boyfriend is sleeping with his girlfriend's friend and vice versa. It can be very painful to accept. Likewise, sexual cheating may hurt more than emotional cheating, depending on how the individual feels. Therefore, the need to revenge greatly depends on how the cheating occurred.

Culture and religion can also play a huge role in deciding whether a person want to revenge or not. Most religions does not support the idea of revenge rather you'd be urged to forgive and forget. There is a saying that two wrongs does not make a right. Your partner did something that is condemnable and it would not sound well to hear that you did the same thing just to get back at him or her. If you revenge with the same act then it means you are not too different from your partner.

Also, a partner who want a revenge will consider what they stand to gain or lose if they carry out their revenge. Someone who have invested so much time and energy will not want to lose it so cheaply, so they will have to consider this. Also, the mental and emotional aftermath will also be put into deep thoughts. A person who does not have the mind to do bad things will consider if it is worth going through the self guilt just to get back to a cheating partner.

It is important to put your mental health first in everything you do. Rather than thinking of revenge be open and clear with your partner about how their cheating behavior makes you feel. It is left to you to decide maybe you want to forgive them or quit the relationship. Forgiving or ending the relationship will make you feel better while revenge will make you feel more hurt.