It is not only enough to set goals, it is more important to achieve them but it is at the point of achieving the goals that most people lose focus and stumble. This does not mean that the goals are not achievable but there are some challenges that always create a barrier to success that we often do not take cognizance of.

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It is normal to face challenges and setbacks as you progress in different stages of life especially when you have a purpose. However, it is vital that these challenges are identified so as to know the best way to get rid of them before they affect the actualization of all set goals. You'd be getting closer to your goals sooner than expected if you are able to identify all the threats to your success.

In order to identify and eliminate all the roadblocks in your way of achieving your goals in life, you must first identify everything that is making you lose focus, low self-esteem, low confidence, and so on. Failure to identify them as fast as possible will allow them to work negatively on your mind, thereby making you believe that you can't do what you intend to do. This may include negative thoughts, procrastination, excuses, lack of passion, indiscipline, etc

It is the start of a new week, the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a clean slate to start all over if you have not been getting it right in the pursuit of your life goals. So, before we move forward, take some moments to check yourself and see if you are being affected by one or more of the roadblocks that could be slowing down your success.

Pay close attention to the ones that you easily get affected by - do you procrastinate a lot that it has affected your life badly or you're fond of making unnecessary excuses for your failure instead of taking full responsibility for your actions. Lastly, identify how to totally get rid of them.

In addition, you must identify the bad companies such as friends, that are drawing you back from making progress in life and cut ties with them, if necessary. There are some friends who always pose as a distraction and it is not a welcome idea if you really want to be successful. They may invite you to a party when you were supposed to be making research and working on your life goals.

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It may also be a group member(s) who is not executing his or her own part of the task out well which by extension is slowing down your pace. The people of this nature must be excused from your team if they fail to improve on their performance.

So, what do you need to do to get rid of every roadblocks, setbacks or challenges that is hindering you from achieving your goals after you have identified them? So many people are always confused when they encounter challenges in the process of working on their goals. They do not have an idea of the next step to take but the first step is to identity the source of these challenges. Once you know the origin of the challenges then you can move ahead with identifying if it's what you can handle on your own or you need help from someone else like a counselor or mentor, for instance.

We often get overwhelmed when we stumble on roadblocks at points when we weren't anticipating them. We even get mad at ourselves or even blame someone else for our actions because it seems as if that is the end of the world for your dreams. You need to remember that no matter the obstacles that you encounter, you must always get up and continue the journey.

The roadblocks may be a time to regroup by seeking for advice, mentorship from people that have passed through that stage and even more difficult stages. There's nothing new under the sun. Someone have passed through your present phase before. Get knowledge from others and you wouldn't find it difficult to defeat those setbacks the next time.