Expectations and Reality


We all wake up each day with an expectation or none. Each day is a mystery till the end. I woke up today with not so much energy judging from the fact that I woke up a little tired because I had a tiring day the previous day.


On a normal day, I wake up by 6am and start coordinating myself but today was not so different. I woke up by 6am but slept back because why not? My body needed the rest and the cool and windy morning supported me.

I slept for as long as I could till my sleep was interrupted by a concerned lodge mate. She came in and we made plans to cook.

We got to the market, bought some foodstuffs and began cooking. Before leaving for the market, I charged my phone in a phone powering shop since we had no light.

Cooking took about three hours since we cooked two different types of dishes. My phone takes about three hours to power fully. After cooking, I cleaned up and rested for about an extra hour before going to check my phone.

I went with the hope that it would be fully charged but to my greatest surprise, it was at 44% for the past four freaking hours! Are you kidding me?

I didn't take offense because I just assumed that it was my fault. I took the blame when I didn't do anything. I told them to charge it back as I would return in two hours to get it.

Two hours later, I returned to get my phone and guess what! Can you guess? I bet you can't. I turned on my phone and it was at 40%! Where did the 4% go? We're this people seriously charging my phone backwards?


At this point, I was pissed off. Not because my phone was not charging but because the girls there were behaving so nonchalantly about it. I asked them what happened to the phone and they looked at each other and looked back at me and made useless facial expressions. Like what the?

I picked my phone and walked away. I was supposed to pay them for their service which I intended to do but their actions made me change my mind. They on the other hand couldn't even ask me for the money because they knew they were at fault.

It seemed like their socket was faulty, their charger was nothing to write home about and their customer service? Terrible!

One of the girls made a comment like
"You've been hovering around that spot, make sure that someone's iphone is charging". She said it to one of the other girls and they all laughed.

They indirectly called my phone a worthless phone because to them, any phone that's not an iphone isn't a phone.

I missed many important calls and activities because of certain people's incompetence. Now my view about their shop has been changed. If anyone asks me, I would blankly tell them that I won't step foot there again for a very long time. As long as I keep seeing those girls there.


My day began beautifully because apart from the food, I get to see one of my friends after the break and that made me happy but those girls tried changing my countenance.

Nobody holds the key to my happiness except me of course and so I chose to be happy. I always choose happiness. What do you think!

With love, wongi ✨