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A few days ago, I headed to a filling station to get fuel.
I had sufficient money, a nice outfit and a banging playlist selected.

I was absolutely prepared for the journey. What I was not prepared for was the absolute chaos I met.
Cars, bikes, Keke Maruas, even a freaking trailer we're all jam packed around the one pump that was operating. But that wasn't all.
Adding to the chaos of the vehicles was the queue of pedestrians with their kegs, Jerry cans, bottles and even a paint bucket.
It all coagulated to form a pulsating mass of sweaty bodies, angry voices and broken spirits.

Suffice to say, I was immediately discouraged and wanted to go home. But I had a mission to fulfill, so I raised my head up high, gripped my keg tightly and joined the struggle for fuel.

3 hours.

I spent 3 hours at that blasted filling station.

Now you might be wondering, what does this story have to do with ranking presidents,
Well you see dear reader, that experience reminded me of one crucial piece of information...
This country sucks.

But one thing to note is that it didn't always suck, at least not this bad.
A huge reason why the country is this way is because of the current political administration... mainly the president.

We've had a number of presidents over the years and each one of them have made their distinctive mark on the coveted seat of power.

So that led me to thinking...
Maybe I should write something about that.

But since I detest politics, I made up my mind that this will not be a serious deep dive into their administrations... but rather a fun and light-hearted read.

So I decided to rank the presidents.

Some ground rules before I continue:

  1. I will only be ranking presidents that I have some experience of their rules
    so no abacha or azikiwe.

  2. This ranking will be on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

  3. This article is as least political as it gets, so make no one bring fight to the comments.. na just fun.

Now that we've gone through all that,
It's time for the breakdown!


OLUSEGUN OBASANJO (1999 to 2007)

images (50).jpeg

Obasanjo, popularly known as OBJ was the first to democratically rule Nigeria over 2 tenures.

Now a lot of people have a lot of things to say about this man,

But I'll stick with the good ones and rate him on that.

First of all, obj depoliticized the military. which was a huge step for us as a whole.

The man also introduced GSM communication to Nigeria.
Sure there is a high possibility that it would've been introduced either way, with or without obj, but the truth remains, obj made the process a whole lot fasterm

The man also founded NAFDAC and EFCC, two of the most important agencies we have right now (even though one is becoming kinda useless).

Now, obasanjo's administration was definitely not perfect
There was corruption and he had a kind of authoritative rule, also added to the fact that he tried to change the Constitution to allow him rule a third term (dastardly)
But overall, it was a pretty alright administration.

So with that being said, objs score is (drumroll)

7 out of 10.


2. UMARU MUSA YAR'ADUA (2007 to 2010)

images (51).jpeg

Let me start off by saying
This is the only administration that all Nigerians can agree was the best
This period was peak Nigeria (at least after we fully embraced democratic rule).

Yar'Adua was a very ambitious president, the dude had plans and he implemented a lot of them despite his short rule.
In just 3 years, the man did so much more than some presidents have done in a full eight years.

He also curbed the militant issue when he brought forth the Niger Delta amnesty programme.
Man was on a roll.

He was also the president with the most integrity as he was the first to publicly declare his assets.

It was a shame that he didn't complete his rule. A lot of Nigerians(including me) believe that if he had, Nigeria would be better than it is now

Who knows...

Either way,
For all he achieved during such a short period and the potential his administration had,

I'm giving Yar'Adua

8.5 out of 10


GOODLUCK JONATHAN (2010 to 2015)

images (52).jpeg

Jonathan was a gentle man
Unfortunately gentle men are not what nigeria needs

And it showed in his administration

Nigeria was thriving and economy was booming.

But because of his meekness, corruption was also very rampant – The most popular case being Diezani's.

Insecurities was also at an all time high ala Boko Haram.

Sure Jonathan had some good policies and he did bring some trains (I like trains).

But the fact that he was so mellow with the seat of presidency is why he's going to score...

6 out of 10


MUHAMMADU BUHARI (2015 till present)

images (53).jpeg

Sai baba!

If you take every bad thing of Jonathan's administration and multiply it,
you get buharis administration.

Buhari has got to be the most incompetent president we've had so far.

I could list multiple reasons why his administration sucks, but I don't need to do that,

We're all living within it
We all know how bad it is

Just go to Twitter on a random day and you'll see irrefutable proof.

Buhari is the lowest scoring president of the democratic Nigeria with a banging score of

1.5 over 10

And with this,
I end the list (hey that rhymed).



So according to this analysis,
the 4 past presidents rank like so

4th - Buhari
3rd - Jonathan
2nd - Obasanjo
1st - Yar'Adua

Now, some people might have different opinions from my results, and that's okay.

If you think I was wrong or right, it really doesn't matter,
Because all the presidents I ranked are in the past and buhari will also be in the past soon.

What matters is the next president
and let's just hope that he will be at least a 10/10 because that is what we need right now.

So get your PVC, do your research and vote for who you think is the best choice.

May God help Nigeria.


Thank you for reading,

Stay buzzing.



The situation of this country is very pathetic...we need the intervention of young and competent leaders


You have said it all bro...
I'm sure one day, Nigeria will get the leader it deserves ✊🏾


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Yar'Adua was the best President Nigeria ever had, so sad he didn't complete his tenor.


Bro, I tell you

That man was what Nigeria needed and deserved and he had the support of the entire country

I'm very sure that if he had completed his eight years,

This country would not be in this state right now