If you ask writers what their biggest fear in writing is, some might say "being criticized", some might say "their work not being read", some might say "writing five full chapters of a book but forgetting to save it and it all gets erased" (pain).

But the biggest fear of any writer – in my opinion – is writer's block.
All writers regardless of the type of the content they write, fear writer's block.

At least with other fears, you can still do what you love, which is writing. Writer's block doesn't even let you do that.

Having writer's block is like trying to use a straw to suck water... from an iceberg. It sucks (pun intended).
And the thing about writer's block is, it doesn't matter how good of a writer you are or how accomplished you get. It's something that will always plague writers.
If great authors like Scott Fitzgerald and Stephen King can have writer's block, then who can't.

I mean, look at George R. R. Martin, dude has had writer's block for a decade. No wonder the last season of Game of thrones sucked.

Now I'm sure by now, we all know what writer's block is. I mean, it's literally in the name. But professionalism demands I probide a definition, so let us journey to the all knowing land of Wikipedia and extract some knowledge.

Wikipedia defines writer's block as a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author is either unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown.

According to writer and psychologist Susan Reynolds;
Writer’s block originated in the early 19th Century when the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge first described his “indefinite indescribable terror” at not being able to produce work he thought worthy of his talent. (Sounds familiar)
You can find the study here

(This was probably him)
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The term "writer's block" was coined in 1947 by Dr Edmund Bergler, a famous Austrian Psychiatrist living in New York City.

And today it is used to describe the thing that plagues all writers.
At this point, you might be wondering;
What causes this dreadful thing?
How can one overcome it?
Why don't we talk about Bruno?

Stay tuned for answers because it's time for the breakdown.



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Writer's block can be caused by a variety of things, and most times, these things combine to form some sort of terrible Voltron that attacks your creative juivesm
But today, I'll be highlighting four major causes.


Writing is tedious, and it takes a lot from a person to become a writer. Time, energy, creativity, dedication, discipline... And all these things can only help if you have passion to begin with.
Writing requires immersion, and you can only immerse yourself in something you're passionate about.

Without passion, you'll lose your ability to dream about writing, obsess about it and immerse yourself in it. And with that, writing becomes a chore and it's going to be harder to come up with ideas.


We've all been in this boat.
Imagine putting so much of yourself in your writing, putting in so much work and editing the fudge out of it to make it as good as can be and all you get is 2 likes and a pat on the head. It's crushing.

A lot of us have such high expectations for our work that when it doesn't deliver, we get discouraged and afraid to do as much as we did on our next projects. That fear makes you subconsciously block or limit your creativity.


This is self explanatory. You're burnt out. No more fuel. Tank is dry.

When you're burnt out, you're drained and exhausted. And an exhausted person can't work.
If there is no fuel in the tank, how will the engine work? How will your brain generate ideas?
Even if you do generate ideas, you'd be too tired to execute them.


Okay, this is a table I'm sitting on comfortably.
In fact, as I'm writing this, I've already taken several breaks to check my phone.

One minute you're trying to write, the next you're on YouTube watching a documentary about documentaries.

It's even worse if you're writing on a device. The temptations of notifications are all too capable of sending you down a rabbit hole of unproductivity.

As I mentioned earlier, these are just some of the causes of writer's block. The truth of the matter is anything can cause writer's block.
Honorable mentions include;

•Having too many ideas
•Having too few ideas
•Life problems
•Low self esteem

And many, many... MANY more.

You might be feeling overwhelmed right now, but the good news is; there are some things writers can do to overcome this, and that leads us to the next segment.



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The things I am about to mention are not by any means objective solutions. They are just things that have worked for me and a lot of other writers I know.
That being said, let's jump right into it.


Sometimes the best way to get ideas flowing is to get your blood flowing.
Take a walk, move around, do something physical, break a sweat and ideas may start flowing.


Most of us started writing because we were inspired by the things we read and we wanted to write stuff like that. So it only makes sense that reading will help with unblocking your writing.

Creativity breeds creativity. The more information you take in, the more you can push out.


Some people use writer's block as an excuse. They think writer's block is something that comes and goes by itself.

You make it go away.

If you feel like you have writer's block, just continue as you'd normally would.
Try doing things to plow through it. Don't just give up and wait till it goes away.


If your mind is a flowing river, then writer's block is a dam.

If you've ever watched a movie that involves a dam, you've likely seen a scene where water rushes out of one hole then another hole bursts and another until the dam caves in. That's exactly what happens with writer's block.

Sometimes you just need to initiate the flow.
Write something. It could be something unrelated to what you actually want to write, it could be utter rubbish... Just write. Restart your creative process and eventually, something will break through.

And there you have it folks.



Writer's block sucks but it is just something we have to accept and overcome.

To all my fellow Hiveians reading this, I wish you the best of luck in your writing journey and I hope you overcome any writing block that comes your way.


Thank you for Reading.

Stay buzzing,



True, nobody is above writers block and everything you said here can cause writer's block. The high expectations is very common to many authors of Hive and this kills their passion especially when they are just beginning on Hive.

What I feel the most is burnout because I perform different activities but in and on hive and it has been taking a lot of my energy. So sometimes I like to give myself a break, which is necessary for every writer.

I support what you said by reading being a way to find a solution to writer's block. Most of the articles I have written were read from someone who wrote either a word or a sentence that inspired me to construct an article.

Try to make sure not to miss the next meeting I hold, so you can get better at arranging your post.

PS: Also, try to make reference to anything quote you take from the net.


The high expectations is very common to many authors of Hive and this kills their passion especially when they are just beginning on Hive.

You just made a great point man
I always make sure not to put too much expectations on my posts and take whatever comes and so far, I've never been too discouraged when I get low upvotes and whatnot
And that makes it easier to keep writing.

What I feel the most is burnout because I perform different activities but in and on hive and it has been taking a lot of my energy. So sometimes I like to give myself a break, which is necessary for every writer.

Breaks are really important, this is my first post in a while and it's for this reason
I hope you find time to take care of yourself 🙌🏻

Try to make sure not to miss the next meeting I hold, so you can get better at arranging your post.

I won't miss this one

Thanks for reading and the insightful and thanks for the tips🙌🏻💙