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"I wished I lived in the past"
I'm sure we've all heard this statement or variations of it before.
Some of us have even said it.
With all the shitty stuff happening nowadays, it's tempting to be able to go to when times were simpler and things were easier.

But this "past" people keep mentioning, what exactly do they mean?
Are they talking about their childhood, or a time much farther back?
Either way, a lot of people of the opinion that the past is better than modern times.
And I'm here to tell you that this notion... is complete balderdash.
Now, before I continue my analysis, I would like to clear up some things.

First of all, this article will be addressing points based on humanity as a whole.
For example, the 60s and 70s were swell for Nigeria. We has just gotten our independence and things were really swell. I mean, our currency had a higher value than the dollar.

Now for America, those weren't really good times (refer to Vietnam war, racism, hard drug usage and many more.

Secondly, we can all agree that humanity as a whole peaked in the 90s (it has been a steady decline since then.) So automatically this period is disqualified.

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Finally, I'm going to be talking about is the second most coveted period that people wished they lived in, the actual olden days... Medieval times.

Unlike the 90s, people don't really have memories of medieval times, so they are misplaced obsessions with those times are due to consumption of fantastical Media that exaggerates the appeal of those times.

Handsome knights, lovely maidens, beautiful lands... Some even fantasize about dragons.
What do you think about medieval times is that... It sucked ASS.
And I'm going to prove it by doing a kind of comparison of modern times and "olden days" in different aspects of life.
It's time for the breakdown!




I could literally just end the article right here and we'd be good to go. Mission accomplished.
That's how crazy of a difference there is.
When you ask people why modern times is better, they'd probably mention technology or something relating to it.
But technology in itself is a broad concept, which is why I'll be looking at 3 major categories within it...


Nowadays, there are so many modes of transportation.
Cars, trains, places, bikes, scooters... Heck, even skateboards.

Back then, there were only two: horses and feet.
A one-hour drive now was a whole ass journey back then. And there was no guarantee you'd even get to your destination.


You think phone calls are a hassle?
Try sending a message through a freaking pigeon.

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Imagine sending a love letter to the girl you like from another kingdom and by the time your letter gets to her, she's already pregnant for another man.


So Netflix is adding ads and you're angry...😂
People from back then would call you spoiled.
There was literally nothing for these guys to do, apart from the annual festival and fornication.
No wonder there were so many wars, the Kings were just bored.




I know what you're gonna say."but Maximus, modern times have wars too"
And yes, you're right. After that infamous world wars, there have been a number of large scale disputes, some that exist to this day. But that's the exception rather than the rule.
The wars now are nothing compared to the wars then.

Back then, wars happened every 5 to 10 business days.
And you had better hope and pray that your kingdom isn't on the losing side, if your kingdom loses, just expect to be raped, enslaved or killed... Or all three.

And it wasn't even limited to wars, there was violence everywhere and everytime. No one was safe.
People fought for the stupidest reasons.

Two guys like the same girl? Battle to the death.

Your son insulted my son? Battle to the death

I greeted you but you ignored my greeting? I have to defend my honour... by fighting in a battle to the death!

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Health is general is way better than it used to be. We have cures for a lot of stuff and life expectancy is about 300% higher.

But back then, things weren't so easy
Short of a magical witch that could heal you when something happened, it was likely you weren't gonna live past 30.

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Allergies? rip
Chronic illnesses? rip
Stubbed your little toe? rip

Middle ages but man don't stay alive long enough to be middle aged (damn I'm good!)



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Now, some people might say "but what about Queen Elizabeth and the British royal family?"


Those dudes are closer to tourist attractions than legit monarchy.
The closest thing we have to a monarchy is north Korea, and we cba see how that's going.

Monarchies sucked, and that was mostly due to the rulers or monarchs if you will.

-Genghis Khan
-Joseph Stalin
-Useless Mary, Queen of Scotts
-Ivan the terrible (dude literally has terrible in his name)

These dudes were evil, tyrannical and oftentimes incompetent rulers.
Now, some people might say "but Maximus, governments are just as despicable as monarchies" and to that I say...

Yes. Yes they are.

But at least you can voice your opinions against them.
I mean look at trump, he was made into a meme. A whole president of the most powerful nation in the world.
You dare not try that back in the day or you might find yourself eating your own tongue.



Obviously there are a lot more reasons why modern times are better than the past, but I think I have done a good job of narrowing it down.

Now this doesn't mean that modern times don't suck... oohh they do
but for humanity as a whole, it's generally better.

So instead of focusing on why these days are sucky and fantasizing about the olden days, why not focus on the highlights.

We have developed so much, way faster than anyone expected and there is more love now than there ever was.

Even if the past was better... it's still in the past.
You can't go back (unless you have a time machine. in that case take me with you, I wanna see dinosaurs.)
So focus on the now and as the Robinsons always say ...


Do you think modern times are better than the olden days?
if so, why??
if not, why???

Tell me your answers below

Thank you for reading.

Stay buzzing,



I don't care about other countries but Nigeria and right here one fact remains that our past is better than our present and may be better than the future if care is not taken. Yes, movement is easier now thanks to modes of transportation made available by technology but also the number of lives it has claimed. Telephone yeah it's beautiful to send messages and get a response immediately. That is prolly the only reason why I love this present time but the are? Come on, the blood shed are more now with a heart wrenching rise insecurity as compared to the old days when our fore fathers slept with their doors open.

Medicine is no point for me because with more medicine comes more diseases which most are even incurable nowadays compared to back then when every leave in the forest had medicinal values and can take care of so many illnesses. Now mortality rate is high even with the good hospitals and great number of doctors compared to when our mothers gave birth with little or no assistance. Women find it difficult to become pregnant compared to when women got pregnant so easily. The list is endless.

We are the architect of our problems. We don't even breathe in good air anymore. There is pollution everywhere. We eat processed foods more than we eat fresh foods like the olden days.

I bet you, if we are to go back to the stone age, not like I want it, we will do just fine and maybe even better. Man has the ability to adapt to any situation.


Thanks for this comment zyzy

You make valid points
And I agree with most of them

But as I said in the article, I'm talking about humanity as a whole

You're talking about bloodshed now, but in the past, millions were killed at a time

Economies collapsed and people seriously suffered

Sure modern times has its fair share of bad things but what period doesn't?

Right now, humanity is healthier, wealthier and better informed than ever before

Life expectancy has increased
Mortality rate is still high, but in Nigeria, it has decreased from 27 deaths per 1000 in 1960 to 12 deaths per 1000 in 2022

Now some things in the past are way better than now
Like the economy and whatnot

But across a wide range of areas, modern times beat the past by a significant margin

Doesn't mean it's perfect tho
So what we can do is just to pray and hope things get better and also do our part...

Thank you so much for reading zyzy💙

And thank you for your insights 🤗


Well I guess we will always have our preferred time and age. I enjoyed the post.


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I agree with you, the past was easier but when you know about the dark side is when you’ll realize that ignorance is bliss.
From slavery to ruthless dictators and the likes.

Well as for me when I say I prefer the past I’m talking about the earlier 2000s, I don’t know about others.


My geeeee

You get it
The 90s and early 2000s were a blast and if there was to be any period that is better than modern times, it would be those two

Let's hope things get better...

Thank you for reading 🤗


As beautiful as modern day is it still Has it flaws the rise in technology is aiming to no end
And every sophisticated technology has an effect which we are not being told, pollution from automobiles, poisonous chemicals emitted from factories, proceeded foods, radioactive emissions from mobile phone and masts all has an effect in our body. Modern days intends to make life a better place but it comes with a price


I appreciate your insights boss
And you are absolutely right

Even though I think modern times are better than olden days

The Gap between the two ages is really really little

And it's on a path to becoming worse if things continue this way.

Let's just hope for the best and do our parts.

Thank you so much for reading