Disbanded My Anubian Collection. 6 Reasons Why. Big Sales and New Buys



I usually don't play Anubians. I had this collection as a main alternative to Deception. Meanwhile, shiny decks are going to become more relevant so my shadow+ Deception (45 pairs of shadow+ cards) is what I will probably play no matter what rank I'll be.

I can't make a shadow+ Anubian deck because Untold Greed, Skull Scepter, etc, are too expensive.


Anubians are vulnerable to nerfing. This concern was expressed by @kstreet recently and this is a right idea. One careless nerf (of Land of the Dead, for example) is able to collapse the prices for all Anubian cards including my expensive cards: 2 Untold Greed (sold today), 2 Skull Scepter (sold today), and 2 shadow Priestess of Takhat. Yes, the probability of this nerf isn't that high, as I know, but if this happens I am in a sort of trouble.

The last version of my Heirloom Death deck, a decent one. Goodbye, dear


The extra reason to be afraid of nerfing is the fact that there are many people who hate Heirloom Death - this was and is a trend on GodsUnchained Reddit. Some people don't know how to beat Anubians and want to ruin the subdomain through complaints, some people just have no way to flush their anger except by posting their pitiful comments on Reddit. Maybe this public pressure can push the developers to ruin the archetype.


Despite the hatred, Anubians are not super strong so my Heirloom Death collection gives me not more than any other archetype could, like budget Aggro Nature or Aggro Light. If you want more than 50-55% winrate, you should buy Sulphuric Rain (100$+), Ragnarok (30$), and Untold Greed (30$, which I had until today). Premium Anubian decks are expensive. Good if you won these cards in 2021.

One of my last matches with Anubians, against dangerous Control Light. Finishing the opponent with Brimstone


A small lesson I've learned: sell when you don't want to sell. You don't want to sell because you feel the high value. Once you want to sell, nobody wants to pay a good price. Anubians are high in Meta these days so this is a good time to sell.

Potentially prices for Skull Scepter and Untold Greed can make 10x but potentially many GU cards can do the same. (They all can potentially do the opposite as well).

At the same time, 10x isn't that appealing in summer 2022 when $GODS/$IMX are low. $GODS costs 0.4$ while ATH was 7+$, $IMX costs 9 times less than ATH. $GODS/$IMX have a good chance to make 10x when the crypto market enters the new bullish cycle. Personally, I hope there will be an influx of people in the bear market one day, and I will sell many cards at that time to hold $GODS/$IMX until the bull market comes.


There is another reason: a daily Trading program with rewards:


2 Untold Greed Sold Today

Someone surprisingly bought both cards within an hour although I set the price just a penny lower than the cheapest one.

I got some profit but what is more important: I bought this ETH when the ETH rate was below 1200$, meanwhile, the prices for most GU cards in ETH have fallen down 10-30% since that time. A great discount!

2 Skull Scepter Sold Today

I discovered Anubians before PTR and even played pre-MJ Anubian fun decks.

One of my posts of that time: Top 10 Cards From The Available Sets You Must Have For MJ Anubian Archetype

So I was an early bird to buy some cards including Skull Scepters. As a result, I got a good profit:

+28 $GODS 😃

+0.0053 ETH. 🙂

Other Cards

Selling shadow Priestess of Takhat might take some time. I have also 2 Catacomb Curator and 2 Burrowing Scarabs but I will think if I need to sell the last.

The biggest thing was 2 Untold Greed, and I have sovled it without losing money, even with some profit.


I would like to buy some cards as investment to sell them in 3-6-12 months with the profit. Researching what it could be. Already bought something. For example, 115 (!!!) Stoneskin Poisons, mostly for 0.000105 ETH each - an insane discount! - someone wanted to withdraw ETH while ETH is high, I guess + maybe trading bonus greed.

Thus, my collection of meteorite Stoneskin Poisons has reached 206 pieces 🤠:

Thanks for stopping by! Comments are welcome as always! 🙂



No one ever went broke taking profit! As CarnivalBigTop would say: sick gainz bro.

I don't speculate/trade cards much, but I did pick up 3 priestesses the second I saw the first MJ preview. I then sold the 3rd one for more than all 3 cost me once everyone caught on. I could have bought more and gambled, but I don't feel like stressing over my video games.

The only card I question selling is Untold Greed. I don't know how much it cost you, but it's a great card for any aggro death deck. I run it in zombies and anubians. Zombies are pretty locked in, so at least some of the value proposition of that card is fixed.

Stoneskin is a really solid card. I hope that pays off for you. If the game hits even 100k players, you're gonna be sitting pretty. Best of luck on that trade plan :)


I could have bought more -

I wanted too but I wasn't confident about my ability to foresee GU prices.

Untold Greed - I bought it late and expensive:

But I got some noticeable profit in USD - because ETH was low when I bought it, 30% cheaper than today.

The card is amazing and I feel unhappy to say goodbye to it. But Necronomics is also great and it costs 3 times less than Untold Greed. This is what Untold Greed might cost in case Anubians are nerfed. I will buy 2 if it happens.

Anyway, I have no time for GU experiments and even grinding these days. I have shiny Deception - this is enough for me.

If the game hits even 100k players -

It might happen if they have a generous P&E program.

I believe some people hoard cards like Stoneskin so, sooner or later, they will rule the supply, not random people who need 0.2$ asap. Stoneskin might become much pricier even without reaching a 100k player base. Maybe.


Some good points, I hope that you are wrong for my sake though 😬.


I hope I am wrong. Personally, I don't think there is a reason to nerf Anubians. Instead, GU devs should buff Amazons and Zombies.