Surprising Diamond Child. Insanity or Wise Calculation? 160 $IMX Airdrop For That Card Alone, Is It Possible??


Nobody wants this card. Except @x-rain who has bought more than 100! πŸ˜ƒ For fusing a diamond version! Is this shopping insanity or visionary insight?! Read on to know the shocking truth!

The story started from fusing the gold one:

But I couldn't stop myself especially because the IMX airdrop will (allegedly) count volume of trades, not the value as it is stated in this article:

The aidrop pool consists of 1.6 million IMX tokens. Traders receive a proportionate share based on their trading volume. Volume is calculated on the number of trades, not the value of the trade.

I have traded more than 100 times to collect material for my diamond child. πŸ™‚ And I have made 449 trades altogether since June 2. 🀠 My trade value was nice too: I depositted ETH worth 90$ on IMX L2 to make some big shiny buys and, later, added 45$ to buy 2 Untold Greed for my Anubians + some trifles. So I expect a good bonus from IMX team 😎

How Much $IMX They Will AirDrop. Getting Rich At Last??

Not financial advice.

There were around 710.000 trades om IMX from June 2 to July 2 - I counted on

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 02-40-16 Immutascan - Immutable X Blockchain Explorer.png

This is around 24.000 trades a day on average.

6 weeks of the airdrop program = 42 days. 42 days x 24.000 trades = 1.008.000 trades for 6 weeks.

They said they have 1.600.000 $IMX in the airdrop pool.

Which is roughly 1.6 IMX for 1 trade? πŸ˜€

In that case, my 100+ trades I made to collect cards for my diamond Sneak a Peek will bring me 160 IMX. ??? πŸ˜€ Set the sale price at 10$ for 1 $IMX, wait until the next bull market, and collect 1600 bucks for 1 diamond Sneak a Peek. 🀠 Buy a motorbike and ride to the horizon πŸ˜ƒ

Ok, ok, probably, the airdrop calculation will be more complicated... But I've spent 135$ and made 449 trades since June 2. So I feel optimistic 😎

Pros of Sneak a Peek

-2 strength can potentially ruin the opponent's first turn especially if they have only 1 creature to play. Blitz creatures are the best targets so Sneak a Peek a good choice against Aggro War. For example, Tavern Brawler becomes food for Switch Duelist - you can play Switch Duelist and Sneak a Peek together on your first turn. Powerful Orcish Elite turns into a pitiful creature that can't kill even an unhidden Armor Lurker.

Looking at the opponent's hand - only one creature and it will be broken by Sneak a Peek, 5 mana of uselessness

Sneak a Peek is a way to prepare a victim for Bound by Her Will. Like this:

Devoted Follower was the only option to play for the opponent. Sneak a Peek made its strength = 1. This is what you need when you have Bound by Her Will in your hand

You can elobarate a strategy based on Sneak a Peek. For instance, you found out your opponent has a Poly:


You give the Poly -2 strength and keep in mind that you need only 1 Blade Borrower with its echo to downgrade Poly to strength 0. If everything is fine, you'll steal Poly with Bound by Her Will later and buff it if you have a chance.


Sneak a Peek is always useful but it takes a slot in the deck that, otherwise, could host a more powerful card. Sleep Dart, Hunting Trap... Giving -2 strength sometimes changes not much. Sometimes, you find nothing with Sneak a Peek - it means only spells in the hand of the opponent.

But my Sneak a Peek is going to be a diamond one and is supposed to be useful as a daily $GODS booster considering the fact a diamond card consists of 125 meteorite ones.

What If They Nerf It?

They can but why? They rather can buff it with, for example, "Look at your opponent's cards and draw a card" πŸ™‚ Probably, I should start a "buff-a-card" talk on Reddit πŸ˜€ This is my asset and I play for Deception so I am supposed to be cunning, supposed to be a Slytherin πŸ˜€ (But, honestly, I am not).

Other Cheap Candidates

Sneak a Peek is one of few cheap ways to get a playable diamond card and earn extra points for the upcoming IMX airdrop. Another way for Deception is Shakedown (0.03$). It looks even better than Sneak a Peek. πŸ˜• I bought enough of Shakedowns to fuse 1 gold. A bit more expensive, Sneaky Bruiser (0.05-0.06$) is one more option to mention and I already have enough for fusing 2 gold ones.


This Was a Story of My GU Shopping Frolic

And I want to point out one more time: my investment can be a failure. Even IMX airdrop can turn out a pure disappointment. In general, spending money on shinies can be a mistake as well. Actually, I am full of doubts. But nothing is able to kill the fact that I had much fun buying so many Sneak a Peek cards and fusing them πŸ˜ƒ


Had no idea the IMX bonus was for the number of trades and not value. I need to look into that more.


Never tried committing this much for 1 card XD hope it will be worth it for you in the end!


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