Splinter Chat: So Much Happening in Splinterverse



So, much have been happening in Splinterlands lately. With two recent launches(pre-sales) i.e. Rift Watchers and SPLTD have already been astounding successes, tomorrow Runi white listing starts.

Plus we have got so many things in pipeline. Genesis Super League pre-sale will go live on October 8 and lands phase might also come soon enough. There is so stuff in splinterverse to be excited about.

Runi White List

White listing for Runi will provide $250 discount. With just 2000 spots available, I think Runi white list is gonna be a touch and go matter, and will be over in one or two seconds.
Many will be unable to white list because of failure to get their transaction through in time. Personally I feel this can be avoided by using the same mechanism that was used for land presale. It would be better to give interested parties a fixed time slot to register their interest for white listing slot and latter on selecting 2000 lucky white listers using a proverbially fair random mechanism.

Conqueror Jacek

God, I almost forgot about Conqueror Jacek. With just 18000 CL packs left to be sold till Conqueror Jacek gets unleashed. May be it will take a day or so. With 1260 packs eligible for airdrop, I have a much better shot at getting Conqueror Jacek airdrop than Runi white listing.


Mathematically, I am guaranteed to get at least 2 Conqueror Jacek with 8% chance of getting a gold foil one. Lets see how my luck plays out!


GSL Airdrop

Just as we got to the end of year long SPS airdrop, team announced another airdrop for one whole year, GSL airdrop. And this time SPS staking will be the decider for GLX tokens airdrop. I had plans to dump some of my SPS holdings but now with GLX token airdrop announced I have scrapped my SPS dumping plans.


That will be all for today!
What do you feels about recent introductions and upcoming changes in Splinterverse?
Do let me know in comments below👇



There are indeed a lot of happening in Splinterlands that sometimes I don't know where to look into. 😊

Thanks for sharing.