Splinterchat: Ruleset Updates... Exciting Times Ahead!



Evening Splinternerds

So yesterday Splinterlands team have rolled a new update. The new update involves majorly tweaking with battle rulesets and couple of new rulesets also been introduced. Moreover we have also got the first version of land deed market in a separate tab.

Lets discuss each upgrade and the underlying implications one by one:

Battle Rulesets Upgrade

So this upgrade involves introduction of three ruleset battles. We have had two ruleset battles for quite some time and now to further enhance the battling experience team decided to add further bit of spice by allowing three rulesets in a battle. Two new rulesets have also been introduced.

Gold+ leagues/Tournaments/Brawls will see battles with 3 rulesets from now on. There will be a 75% chance of getting into a 3 ruleset battle, 15% chance of 2 rulesets and only 10% chance of standard ruleset.

Also methodology of rulesets combinations have been changed. Unlike past there are no primary and secondary rulesets. All rulesets fall in the same category from now on and can be paired up battles. This has significantly increased the number of possible ruleset combinations. Incompatible rulesets combinations have of course been excluded. Detail about possible rulesets combination in announcement post!

With new ruleset combinations we are going to have pretty dynamic battles. Some combinations are going to be quite explosive. e.g. imagine opportunity ruleset along with fury. Good luck using Taunt to counter the Opportunity😝


Two New Rulesets

Two new rulesets making their way into splinterlands are:

  • Going the Distance - Only Monsters with Ranged attack may be used.
  • Wands Out - Only Monsters with Magic attack may be used.

image.png image.png

These two new ones follow the same methodology of Up Close & Personal ruleset. It would be fun to experience more diversity coming from these two new rulesets.

Land Deed Market

We now also have the first version of Land deed market. Users can now sale or purchase land deed. It would be interesting to see Land deed market in action.



Closing Thoughts

The new ruleset upgrade is not easy to handle. I am still getting hammered in Diamond league. But it is indeed more challenging and fun being out there and battling. I hope to adopt and get used to the changes without loosing not too many battles.


That will be all for today.
What do you think about the new ruleset upgrade and land market?
Do let me know in comments below👇





This is very exciting to know, but I am still worries about RP based on card level, Splinterlands won't have new players this way. Good for bots and tough for real players.