Splinterlands: A Battle to Remember



Evening Splinternerds

One of the best thing about splinterlands battles is there are so many variables and there is always a good chance of them getting activated in time to turn the tide. The strategies and all the planning does play a key role but there is always the luck factor one can hope for. No matter how dismal the battle situation is, luck can always come in play and turn the tide around in favor.

Although Splinterlands discontinued the share your battle weakly challenge but sometimes you get across a few battles that are too amazing to ignore. Today I came across one of such battles that was too good and it would be a shame to let it go by without sharing it with you guys. So here we go...

Battle to Remember

This was a 34 mana battle with three rulesets; Rise of the Commons, Ferocity and Conterspell. Three splinters were allowed Fire, Earth and Dragon.

image.png image.png image.png

My Strategy

Since Counterspell ruleset was in play so I was pretty sure that enemy wouldn't go for heavy magic attack. I went with YODIN ZAKU summoner with LIVING LAVA as tank to counter expected melee and ranged attack.


Battle Proceedings

Battle Link

My ZAKU powered attack did a lot of damage to enemy but I had no answer to enemy healing tank. In the end all of my monsters fell prey to PELACOR MERCENARY except TENYII STRIKER.

The battle was almost lost with TENYII STRIKER the last guy standing against the healing PELACOR MERCENARY and VENARI SEEDSMITH. The defeat was imminent as it was two against one. Even TENYII STRIKER was left with only half health.


And then the tide turned. PELACOR MERCENARY missed two consecutive attacks due to TENYII STRIKER's dodge and also perished Backfire damage. TENYII STRIKER easily delivered the killing blow to win me the battle.

Through out the battle proceedings TENYII STRIKER didn't do anything as it missed all of his sneak attacks. I was cursing my decision to include it in the battle but come last round TENYII STRIKER turned out to the knight in the shinning armor and saved the day.


To me that was an unexpected one for sure. I skipped the battle to result when I saw TENYII STRIKER to be the last guy standing. And was surprised to see a win in the battle results tabs. Quickly I replayed the battle to witness the whole drama.


That will be all for today.
I hope you enjoyed the battle.
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