Qurator's Photo Quest | Conceptual Photography 'Two rocks' | Esp / Eng


For professional reasons I have to access the top floor of a block of flats on the seashore every week. Opposite are a series of isolated islets that provide a very special view of the seascape. The best time to take the shot is always early in the morning, and if it is cloudy, even better, as the clouds shade the low light.


Por cuestiones profesionales debo acceder cada semana a la última planta de un edificio de pisos en la orilla del mar. Enfrente hay una serie de islotes que aislados proporcionan una visión muy especial del paisaje marítimo. La mejor hora de la toma es siempre a primera hora de la mañana, y si está nublado todavía mejor, ya que las nubes matizan esa luz rasante.

Unless stated otherwise, all the pictures and the words are mine.
Do not use this image without my written permission.
Proudly free of AI.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2
Lens: Hasselblad x-Pan 90mm f:4
Processed with Capture One


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