Peep and Paperplane- A true friendship always wins

It's time to review another animated short movie. Today when Ray told us about Cinetv that he and his team working hard on the front end of the Cinetv site and they are implementing a lot of new features. It got me realised it's time to accumulate some more cine tokens. And I am not into buying too much so I prefer to earn something through my posts. When I have this opportunity to earn something through posts then why would I purchase? :P XD

Peep and the Paperplane

Peep and paper plane is a very uncommon or you can say unreal friendship story of a small sparrow and a paper plane. One morning when the mother leaves her egg in her nest to find food her egg cracks and his baby sparrow try to get out of the eggshell. After some effort when he was trying hard to get out of the shell he was about to fell down when he gets unexpected help from a paper plane. Later they become good friends. Paperplane takes that little sparrow to show him wonders of the real world where little sparrow sees and little cute sparrow girl. A little sparrow who doesn't even know how to fly yet instantly fell in love with that sparrow girl :P XD. Love, at first sight, hehe so cute. While watching this cute short move I have had a smile on my face all the time. Now you can imagine how much I enjoyed it ;)


But they say real friendship has to be tested. Now when the paper plane was trying to teach the little sparrow how to fly he was busy thinking about that girl sparrow and instead of learning what the paper plane was trying to teach him he was busy making portraits of that sparrow girl. When the paper plane saw little sparrow not showing any interest in learning how to fly he decided to punish him. He hanged him right above the lake and asked him to now learn otherwise he will be thrown down in the water. He still doesn't listen to paper plane and get angry and fight with him. Again little sparrow gets into trouble and when paper plane sees he is in trouble he couldn't bear it and saved him again. They again become true friends and decides no matter what they will never fight again.


The moral of the story is a trueFriendship always wins in the end.

Peep and the Paperplane | Animated short film by Christoph Englert

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