Some incidents have profound effects


It's 1.47 a.m right now and I don't know why I am still awake. It's not that I never slept late I've always been a night owl but today I am not feeling sleepy especially when I slept only 4 hours last night. I am wide awake and sleep is nowhere. I can't play splinterlands with this state of mind when I keep thinking about the incident that happened today. I don't know how long the impact of this incident would last but first time ever I am feeling so insecure in my own country.

For the past couple of days, I've been watching one drama series based on India Pakistan partition. That series is already affecting me a lot that how our elders have soaked the foundations of this country with their blood. But today I am not feeling secure in my own country. I've always been a proud citizen of my country and always thought nothing could be safer than my own country. I used to watch murders, robbery and rape news on Tv channels but never felt in that way that I am feeling right now. Today I am realizing it so hard, it is known only when it passes on itself.

I knew that street crimes are very common in my country. People think they can buy food after looting others. I mean go die with hunger instead of stealing or snatching. You guys might have been thinking why I am writing epistles at this time of night😂 but today I went through the worst ever experience of my life. I am feeling ashamed and dumb that I couldn't do anything and I let looters go without resistance😂.

So the story of the day is i don't keep cash in the bag. Maybe because I never needed it. But today someone asked for some loan. I didn't have that amount in my bag so I asked my friend I will give you tomorrow. On my way home, I stopped at an ATM. I cashed-out the desired amount and kept in my wallet. I was putting back my wallet in the bad and suddenly I felt some force. All happened so sudden that I couldn't understand for a while that what just happened. Two bikers came so fast and snatched my wallet. Before I could understand the whole incident they were gone. It was the very first time so it took me a while to understand the whole situation. When I came back home I told my sister about the incident and I requested her not to tell mama. I was already afraid I didn't want to face her wraith and her questions. Why do you need the money that you have to go to the ATM ? and unending series of questions.

I discussed this issue in my favourite city and I got some great ideas from my bro, Neo sir and Panda. I am glad they didn't snatch my bag. My mobile, my Id and so many important things that I always keep in my bag. I was thinking about this matter then I realised that I don't put a password on my phone. The first thing I did I put a passcode on my mobile. I transferred my pictures in my laptop and emptied gallery. We all should get ready ourselves for such kind of uncertain situations. your privacy is more important than anything else. The money I lost today doesn't matter as long as I am safe. I am taking leave today will stay at home and will rest. I am mentally disturbed I am laughing and acting normal but I am not fine inside. I am scared. When you are not safe in your own home then you can't be normal. yes this country where I live in, is my home but................. Let me just not fill this dash.

Positive or negative some incidents can really change your thinking perspective.


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