Cute expression of the cat

Hi all!

This is my entry for #monomad challenge

Today I found a photo of a very cute animal, namely a cat and with a very cute facial expression.

By sharing the photos between #Blackandwhite, it's as if the cat's expression is getting deeper in meaning.

I love black and white photos of expressions in living things, also in those expressions that convey a lot of meaning to this life.

Below are some photos of the expression I mean, and that expression is on the cat.

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera | Blackandwhite section

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera | Blackandwhite section

I found this cat among the neighborhood, this cat was frightened when another male cat approached him, he continued to look as if he was on guard against an attack that would approach this cat.

Thanks to everyone here, I really appreciate your support here.

See you next time!


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