The colors of natural beauty are so captivating to the view


Day after day I weave high hopes to be in the position I want to be, what is it? That is partly a peace of mind.

How can one find peace of mind?

I think peace of mind only exists in being curious about something, be it shape, color and so on.

As happened to me today, I was eager to find the intricacies of the beauty of this nature, based on the categories I found. I have a great desire in the last few days, also want to get the beauty in the world of photography.

Even though I'm just a beginner in this field, but with great determination, I believe in success and satisfaction. Right now that happiness is almost attached to me when I reach something tangible object from nature, I have many memories stored there.

Today I am also looking for what I want, I need to be able to get interesting camera shots, even though the object is simple, but the effort in choosing a place is the solution. I found some objects that made me happy to see them, with my current flagship camera (Vivo 32Mpx) I feel my interest in this world of photography.

I entered an area in Indonesia, precisely in Cot Trieng, not far from where I live in Teumpok Tengeuh. I'm looking for what is interesting for me to shoot, but in this post I'm not talking about the landscape category, but this is more of a shot focusing on an object, the object I describe here.

Photo 1

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera

This first photo is about grass in the middle of calm water, the water is not clean, but the grass has a bright green color, I think this is not a scene in the landscape category but rather the grass object itself.

Photo 2

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera

Then after the first object I passed, I saw also the moss sticking to the old wall, I thought this is something people don't usually do, I tried to shoot it from side to side.

Photo 3

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera

Photo 4

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera

Several hours have passed and I only found a few shots, I tried to look in another direction, and in that direction there were only flowers growing among other plants. I tried to shoot the flower, and thought how to get a beautiful result, my last choice was to position the camera from above the flower, sure enough the results also look interesting. I chose to edit it, adding a bit of color throughout the photo, and making the photo interesting to look at.

Photo 5

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera

This last photo is at the same time my most special highlight, because I shot this flower from the side and the color combination of grass and flowers blends very well together.

I chose to edit it to be a soft color, which is beautiful to look at, but the original color is still there.

Photo 6

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera

Photo 7

Using Vivo 32Mpx camera

The colors of natural beauty are so eye-catching, as well as signaling that nature always provides the best for those who seek it.

The photos above are also my memories of the activities that I live today, I feel calm there, even though I am tired of looking for it, but the satisfaction beats everything.

Thank you for those of you who are here, for your support, maybe I will be even more enthusiastic in giving other beautiful stories.

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