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Summary of the Game


I demonstrate my ability to fight against this formidable opponent, Nokerz. I'm going to clarify what happened during our combat; the earthquake challenge is part of this event; I utilized Lily shieldpaw, while my opponent used a dragon with a level 1 summoner, Quix the Devious.

This are the Battle Conditions

Rules Set

We are given a 43 mana cap, and the readily available elements in this match are Fire, Life, and Dragon. There are also three regulations set to combat closed range, fire, and range, and the major event on this challenge is an earthquake. I actually utilize one of my favorite summoners, Lily Shieldpaw, who is new to this league.

New Chaos Legion Summoner

Because it holds triage, camouflage, and plus one health, Lily Shieldpaw has one of the most distinct play styles on Splinterlands in my humble view. What I enjoy about this summoner is that the opponent will focus on the front of your tank since all of the monsters on the battlefield will be masked and impossible to be targeted in regular battle conditions, thus a scattered attack is the only option to infiltrate from the back line. Blast is also used to harm the frontline and injure the second position. As a result of the lily protective camouflage, opportunity and sneak attacks will have a difficult time striking.

Early Match up


It was great to observe in the first battle that we both looked forward to winning by utilizing the dragon element and grabbing the sub-element life, which my opponent used Uriel and Adelaide Brightwing. He also uses a void dragon to oppose magic users and a celestial harpy to launch a surprise attack from my backline. Venari Marksrat and Dumacke Exile were the only monsters he didn't have flying, thus my opponent planned to use Venari Marksrat to bring about the Martyr ability.

On the other hand, both Urieal and Adelaide have the ability to fly, I employed a similar combination of the two legendary cards on deck in my plan. The only monster I have that lacks abilities is a portal spinner, however, because I have a low level portal spinner, he lacks a snare to take down flying monsters.

Martyr Buff

In the first round, I swiftly attacked and damaged the Venari Marksrat, but it remained alive and attacked Uriel's armor, and make him trouble by returning damage and letting him die, and it turns out that the rat was only a sacrifice to provide a strong buff to his Void Dragon and Adelaide Bright wing, giving them 1 magical buff damage. It was a powerful method that I learned from him, but I still have the upper hand because I have a powerful tank on the battlefield.

My Flying Combo

2 legendary card

These two are the reason I am confident in dealing with damage; resurrect and repair are extremely powerful for me, and the camouflage from my summoner makes it an excellent strategy, which is why I am strong and durable to battle in the first round.

Mid-Game Encounter


as the conflict carried on. My adversary is still having difficulty penetrating my mighty tank Uriel. He constantly attempts to erase my tank but is ineffective. Uriel's healing skill makes him greater in power, and the added repair help was horrifyingly insane, making the combat standout noteworthy. Furthermore, because my monsters are flying, they are immune to earthquake damage. although portal spinner is having to suffer the damage from the earthquake rules, I can effortlessly attack my competitor while my opponent focuses only on my protector, Uriel the Purifier.

End Game


In this battle, I was still intact, and my cards were almost complete until the end game, I suffered enough damage only on my portal spinner because he suffered damage from the earthquake, but I have triage to heal him in such a situation, so the rest of the flying is safe and free to do whatever they want, and turning out that this challenge is on my part and winning makes me believe that splinterlands is getting more attention on the new rule. All I can say is that it was an impeccable victory and a great tournament matchup.

Great Game

Tournament Winner

To my opponent Nokers, I would like to thank you for sharing your experience and showcasing your talent for martyr abilities, but I was able to overcome your strategy on this challenge, still, a good fight see you in your battle on the next tournament and maybe someday we will meet again and take it as a good rematch.

Scarred Hand Silver Beginner Cup

Silver Tournament

In this tournament, I was able to acquire a nice spot on ranked 38 on silver gaming, and I received 10 Sps as prize money. It was an incredible run, but it was challenging to come out on top. Look at my loss in the fight, which turned out to be 9 of them, and while I did my hardest to earn more points for winning, that was my limit to have a good spot on ranked 38th place. I just wanted to congratulate the top champion, Shikiphantom, on such an enjoyable event to watch and compete in. Experience is the finest teacher when it comes to gaming and fighting.

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Video Battle Challenge

Rules Set

Earthquake + Fire & Range + Closed Ranged

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Did your strategy work?

My combat plan was excellent and satisfactory, but my opponent's problem was that he didn't have any damage to deal with due to my triage repair and tank heal on this match-up. The martyr is inadequate to blow up my purifier, Uriel. That is why the combination I used has been extremely quietly effective.

Do you like the Earthquake? Why or why not?

Actually, in my opinion, earthquake is an annoying rule set, and I tried to avoid fighting against it as much as possible. If I don't have any flying monsters, I will be so unsuccessful and fail to match up when my opponent has a summoner that provides fly or a lot of flying ability monsters.

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Despite the return fire ruleset, with lily shieldpaw, they managed to stay until the end of the game. Nice work!