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Giveaway from live stream of mumpulls

Splinterlands TV giveaway

  • I really value this scence when he gave the gold foil Pelacor Mercenary, as I really need it to be able to level up my Pelacor Gold Foil to attain this card's healing powers. It is entertaining to watch them on your Desktop Computer, Laptop or Cellphone and you may learn from their expertise, and it just so happens that they regularly give away things to the community members and viewers. So give it a time on thier stream on the Splinterlands TV twitch channel a go.


Chaos Legion Pack Opening of the Week

Legendary Chaos Card

Legendary Grum Flameblade Card


  • I successfully obtained a good loot, which was Grum Flameblade, which delighted me. The total cost of all the cards I obtained was $5.57; even though I had originally assumed it was a gold foil legendary, getting one of these was still excellent.

#1 pack value
List: $5.57
Market: $5.52

Daily Chest Rewards

Silver Chest

  • I got sps but not totally good enough sps to achieve a better income. I got also potions and a Pelacaor bandit reward card. Dated November 3 2022.


Ranked Match of the Week


Magic Alric Versus Armor Tyrus


here's the link to my match : Armor Vs Magic

When I start to become anxious and see a magic user going up against my armor combination in ranking battles, I genuinely fear this matchup. I was able to make the most of my 99 mana by employing my greatest cards, including the new legendary neutral card from Riftwatcher and a high-level chaos legion card named Urieal, who served as my super tank and healer to take more magic-related damage. Even though I believe this battle to be critical, it was a rather hard challenge. Nevertheless, I prevailed, and I'm happy to now control Stormbringer Alric's energy.



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Rift Watchers Epic Summoner Market Update

Rentals make it easier by Peakmonsters

For your information, has tools that enable you to track your rewards history, make renting easier, and bid on your preferred cards. Therefore, try using this function to play Splinterlands more conveniently, make the most of your time, and significant positive effect.


My Splintershards Journey Through out End Of Season.

Land/Nightmare Packs

  • received 7 SPS as a free bonus for holding my nightmare packs, and while I am delighted that my land is receiving a free Sps airdrop, I also appreciate the community's support in voting for land to receive airdrops as we wait for the full game's potential in the land ecosystem in the Splinterlands.

SPS Summary Income

Total SPS aquired

  • i got total income of 189 sps for this previous entire season, its still fairly enough to get more sps so i can buy more cards and staked for earning more sps.


~~ SplinterlandsTV ~~


  • I thought it interesting that orb packs included the same three cards in a single pack. Even the streamers mentioned that this was a little weird, but it is also highly unusual; if there were triple legendary cards in a single pack, that would be fantastic to consider in the future. is that during that particular moment, he had no luck in getting any legendary cards, but he did obtain a good pack with a gold foil card when he opened the very first pack.

Essence Orb Effect Packs


  • It's also worth noting that Mhowii streamed the identical event occurring to the orb pack he obtained, with the difference that he received 3 rare and 2 armor smith cards. It's incredibly fascinating to watch this event occur live on Splinterlands TV exclusively.


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