My Birth Month and my first winning giveaway on Monster Mayhem


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Blood Maker is the card I received from the SBT community's giveaway on Discord. I like that it is level 3 and has a scattershot with 2-range damage. is incredible that I was able to add this to my collection for free.

let's look at who is this blood maker so we can know his story :


Blood Makers appear exactly like a wildfire with their shock of orange-tangled hair, red complexion, and fierce anger. Its obsession with both fire and technology has given rise to a number of lethal weapons as well as its fair share of fatal mistakes. The company, Talon, and Gorst, saw gnomes as having significant potential to increase their inventory and spark interest in this underappreciated species of beings long ago. They wanted to experience the benefits right away, but unhappily, few customers were interested. They were concerned about the gnomes' fiery temperament and didn't want to take the chance of losing their business due to a poorly timed technological faux pas.


The effects of the vampire illness were intriguing, if not terrifying.
They grew even more engrossed in their job, often working on many projects concurrently for days on end. Their employers soon discovered that if they provided the Blood Makers with enough blood, they would simply not stop, increasing their output.

The Boss

Being a dhampir himself and aware of the difficulties associated with having such a condition, Jared Scar of the Scarred Hand welcomed this commitment and enthusiasm when he first spotted it in one of the employees he hired. It didn't take him long to realize that the Blood Makers were an indispensable element of his business, so he hired more of them and soon became the only customer for this new breed. The Blood Makers, who acknowledged his faith in them, reciprocated by displaying passionately devoted behavior and, if necessary, resorting to violence to defend the Scarred Hand's interests.

Splinterlands TV Giveaway


It was a fierce competition to win the giveaway throughout the month of May, and I witnessed certain individuals winning more than once compared to some that watched and won less. I hope there is more transparent information available about who won the most on the Splinterlands TV Giveaway.

I am feeling a little confused and depressed since as of today, on the 26th, I only have one victory, and the reward is a Riftwing common card from the death element. Despite the restless night, extra watching time, and desire to win, I still come in the worst place compared to those giveaway toolbox common winners. I simply want to express my gratitude for the one common card I did get even if I didn't win every time.

Birthday Month

However, because May is my birthday month and I was able to celebrate it in fashion on May 16, 2023, I don't need to feel depressed. I still had hope that I would eventually do something significant.

I need to be bold and stop thinking negatively since I always believe that I move slowly even when I am actually making progress. By doing this, I can focus more of my attention on developing my talents and understanding the game.

Team Splinterlands

Celebrating my Birthday with @hkinuvaime!


Splinterlands 5-Year Anniversary Event


this is the entire content of the great burning event in Splinterlands:

Content: The Splinterlands team will be launching a promotional event where they will be giving away TONS of prizes in the form of different Splinterlands assets that the company has accumulated in its treasury over the past five years. This is to commemorate the five-year anniversary of the initial launch of the Splinterlands website (then called Steem Monsters) and Alpha pack sale. New player titles, several land plots, Runi, and a variety of booster packs, including some Alpha packs, will all be part of the awards!

Notice: Players must burn DEC or DEC-B to qualify for the prizes. There will be leaderboard rewards for the players who burn the most, as well as random giveaway rewards accessible to all participants.


The event will start on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, during the maintenance window, and it will run for 30 days, concluding on June 29, 2023. Through a new tab on the store page of the Splinterlands website, players may access the opportunity to take part in the event. Players will be able to burn DEC or DEC-B tokens throughout the event, earning points for each token burnt. For every DEC or DEC-B that is burnt, players will initially get three points. This number will reduce by one point every day until the last day of the event when players will only receive one point for each DEC or DEC-B that is burned.

Based on their position on the leaderboard, the players with the most points at the end of the contest will be awarded the following incentives.


Every 10,000 (10k) points a player gets throughout the event will give them a chance to win one of the following goods from the prize pool in addition to the leaderboard competition and rewards:

  1. 200 total land plots are offered.
  2. Alpha Pack (100 available in total)
  3. Beta Pack (250 available in total)
  4. Untamed Pack (500 available in total)
  5. Nightmare Pack (1000 available in total)
  6. Riftwatchers Pack (1,001 available in total)
  7. Runi (25 available )

If a player earns 100k points throughout the event, they will have the opportunity to win up to 10 items from the above prize pool, whether or not they place on the leaderboard, and they can receive one item from the list above for EVERY 10k points they earn. For every 10,000 points they have earned, players who finish in the top 10 on the scoreboard at the end of the contest will be eligible to win the prizes listed above!

A total of over 3,500 prizes worth over $150,000 at today's market value will be distributed as part of the event!


Good luck everyone and soon we will be celebrating and partying. The Great Burning is near approaching and this will be exciting!


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