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My legendary Chest


I earned my 8 daily chests on Gold League grinding, it was just a usual day of grinding attempting to obtain most of the chests on the league, I know and we all know that ranking battles nowadays are really difficult to win. If you don't have any cards, the whales will consume your combo. You can counter adversaries' cards, but if you have low-level cards, you may lose the battle. I was able to capture a daily focus chest of Eight, attributable to my dedication and strong resolve. I slowly open my chest from bottom to top, first getting the Venari Marksrat, then a Fire element of 4 copy cards while trying to check the last one on the edge of the eighth chest which garnered 2 splinter shards therefore technically ill be getting normal again on my grinding days but after thinking that I open the second chest and I was amazed because it wiggled and it was legendary so I wished and prayed that it could gold foil card but it was not. Sheesh, that was a heart-pounding scenario in which I thought I would obtain my first legendary gold foil on my chest, but thankfully I still have a Soulbond legendary card with two copies!

Legendary Card

This card belongs to the dragon element and has a 10 mana cost and a 3 attack range damage. What I like about this beast is that he has massive armor of six and five health points, making him a good tank against sneak attackers and a powerful attacker on your backline. When in a high mana battle, I can use this card alongside with Lily Shieldpaw or Quix the Devious to slow my opponent down.


Splinterlands TV - APE APRIL

Splinterlands Giveaway


I got Vruz on splinterlands TV, I subscribed to their Twitch channel to maximize my luck on the giveaway tool made by The_Rondon, and luckily I got this on splinterlands Stream the Vruz, I want to win legendary giveaway but those 2k Vruz on the giveaway tool is a lot so basically there is a high chance of winning normal foil vruz in the channel.

Here is the full article about Vruz Almighty

Splinterlands Blogging Channel has a piece regarding the legend of the Vruz, a short film Podcast from YouTube and a brief tale summary within its pages.

VRUZ is a Mighty Small Theif


Many people feel that humans are the best thief. After all, it was humans who formed the Ebonhood, one of Praetoria's most prominent thieves' gangs. Others claim it's a Venari, ratkin, or mousekin with an eye for mischief. Perhaps an argument might be made for the light-fingered halflings or brownies, as well as the sly antoids and other species. But I have it on good authority that the finest thieves are gremlins, a miniature race of fey famed for their mischievousness, cunning, and proclivity to steal everything that isn't nailed down. If gremlins are the best thieves, Vruz is the greatest of the best.
Even by gremlin standards.

Vruz now exclusively takes on things that everyone else claims are impossible, and he quickly proves them wrong. His favorite entrepreneurial ventures? Fulfilling contracts for dragons generally by stealing a valuable artifact from another dragon. His renown has increased with each accomplishment, and stories of his heists and exploits have become the stuff of campfire legends and folklore.


The Ebonhood had been contracted to rescue it, but no one was willing to participate. Everyone claimed it was impossible. Vruz steps forward that's why Vruz is famous!


My Beautiful Land of Paradise!

My Owned Unsurveyed Land

I acquired a plot for more than $200 during a bull market because I value owning a virtual land asset in the Web3 game. This is my one plot that I have saved for over two years of keeping.

Currently, the plot ranges in price from 140 dollars. I utilized my Dark Energy Crystal to survey my property.

The arduous wait for the land has to commence and I quickly get my cup of tea before opening it. Because the unstable totem is only restricted for 30 days, I declined to purchase it. I recently saved 10,000 DEC, but I don't have an opportunity to buy DEC-B from the in-game market.


I highlighted the aspects that I needed to be ready for when the land began to gather resources, as you can see in the photo, a Plain, which is my plot, and a Life element, which earned a 10% benefit, plus I could use the dragon for a 10% boost. As I need to avoid the water that was handed down to me by 50% and also the earth, this chart truly helps me decide what to do with my land on THALOS number 46 in the future. Because death and fire are both neutral, no benefit will be granted, consequently my decision to use Life and Dragon Elements.


Slow Duck Race Winner

Duck Race I am the slowest duck in this task. Actually, I did not expect to win this type of race because there were a lot of players who wanted to win on the duck race, but because of my sluggish duck and my slow name, I was highlighted on the event and won the challenge, it was so much fun to watch and entertaining many people believed in my duck because of my name it was a perfect match and battle. In this Event of The G the only person getting the 1k Dark Energy Crystal is the one who is the slowest duck to elaborate more the winner should be the last man standing or the last person to get on the goal on this challenge

Winning 1k DEC

After a few minutes after finishing his 2-hour stream, he instantly sent the rewards to me, so the dark energy crystals that I earned were used to rent to my battle and 1k is more than enough to assist me to rent for 5 days.


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