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My Journey: 🤔

The strength of my cards gives me the best chance to defeat my opponent when he uses Zintar Mortalis since I have more than enough ranged damage from my use of ranged attacks, and he cannot debuff my cards with physical attacks because I have more ranged attackers with magic. It helps me win the battle because he is struggling to assassinate my line up even though he tried to optimize his rewards by using gold foil cards, but he was unsuccessful.

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With 3 damage on a true strike, Dhampir Stalker is quite potent when it comes to ranged attacks. This makes it virtually certain that his tank will suffer during every round of the match.


Legendary Chaos Legion Summoner Gold Market Price

November 13, 2022

  • As of the time of my writing, grandmaster Rathe is now the most costly legendary gold foil summoner, costing an average of 155 dollars, while the cheapest legendary gold foil summoner is Quix the devious, costing a total of 113 dollars. Compared to when it was last week price the price is bit pricey, nowadays this Gold Foil summoner is currently available at a slight discount.


Gold League Gaming


let's get the ranked battle match blog started! 😍

The match was excellent while being quite challenging. Well played!

My Honorable Opponent

Sharing my battle story fighting with DHAMPIR STALKER



No neutral Cards:  you cant use neutral cards on the battlefield. 
Holy Protection: all monsters will have the Devine Shield Protection.

Mana Cap 36 Only

Rules is Set

~~ Element that only Active ~~


No Neutral Monster is the struggle on this challenge!


My winning bonus shares

SPS Gained 0.319

ECR 80% Capture Rate

Reward Bonuses

#Focus Cards 5%
#Gold Cards 10%
#Beta Cards 5%
#Guild 3%


Video Battle Challenge


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Short Film Battle Match : 3speak TV DHAMPIR STALKER 💪


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Round 1


  • I chose Thaddius Brood because the Death element is the only active element in the rule set, and I use the Haunted Spirit as a tank to restore and sustain the battle while Thaddius Effects also reduces foes' health points by one. It's shocking to see how confident my opponent was utilizing a gold foil card that he either owned or rented to use a sneak attack against my Dhampir Stalker in the back. Although he doesn't have enough damage to go past my backlines just yet, I backfire right away in the first round and take down his haunting spirit at the front. I made advantage of the holy protection provisions in the rules, which allowed me to withstand more damage in the opening round and prevent my Dhampir Stalker from being killed by my opponent's initial onslaught.

Round Two


  • The poison and damage dealt to my Haunted Spirit in this round are tremendous; he attempted to recover himself in round 2, but he was still countered by the opponent's powerful stinging attacks, which utterly failed my tank and destroyed it with only 1 health points left to battle on the next phase of the match. Because I slow it down with the Boogeyman Skill, I am the only one to attack first and deal slow damage so that my opponent misses single attacks. His Skeleton Assasin continued to assault my Dhampir Stalker even after his Silent Sha-VI turned into a tank in the round, but because my Dhampir Stalker is so resilient, she only took damage and continued to play the round.

Round 3


  • In this round, my Haunted Spirit perished only from the poison I was unable to avoid; he simply stood there as I passed away. My silent Sha-Vi was the first to take down his Dhampir Stalker, which surprised me, and I then progressively destroyed his monster card on the field. Because I have a straightforward tank that may be extremely effective with little mana, this amazing Carrion Shade card fits under the 36-card limit.

Final Round


  • So now that I've eliminated a handful of his frontlines and secured what I needed to complete my strategy to eradicate them all, the battle is at an end. Twisted Jester is unable to do anything in this final battle as I watch, and since I have a free hit on him, I can use an excellent strategy to break up his combos.


==Quick Battle Link==

Battle link


The Combat Link leads to the actual battle on the website of the Splinterlands.


Did your strategy work?

What will you try differently next time?

Do you like the DHAMPIR STALKER? Why or why not?


1ST Question

  • The reason my strategy worked so well was that I overpowered Thaddius Brood level 4. I'm planning to try modern the following season, but I'm still rooting for playing in the wild format because I don't want to run the risk of losing too much ECR and Chest. I should therefore carefully consider whether I should stick with my plan of playing in the wild or start investigating the power in the Modern Format.

2ND Question

  • Quix The Devious is perhaps the better option for me the next time because Dhampir Stalker is now quite powerful thanks to his potential level 3 power of damage of 3. And in the Gold and Diamond leagues, the ability to debuff adversaries with a damage reduction of 1 and a slowing down by 1 is a terrifying penalty.


3RD Question

  • I really like the Dhampir Stalker because of how effective his ranged attacks are, particularly when played under the rules of Range Only or Back to Basic. This damage is amazing and terrifying, so having the Dhampir Stalker on my deck would be a perfect fit for my strategy at all times and would help me get a good combo. The True Strike also beneficial to Dhampir Stalker!

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