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December 30, 2022 the construction of the Pedestrian tourism destination GUNONG KEUTAPANG was inaugurated By the pj regent of aceh jaya

Hello Hive friends, how are you today? I hope all is well amen
today I started my journey to the tourist attractions in the Aceh Jaya area, to be precise, in the village of Keutapang . This place was inaugurated by the pj regent of aceh jaya for all domestic and foreign people to travel and enjoy the beautiful scenery here .

Incidentally I got here at 6:30 western Indonesian time so I took some pictures of the sunset but I was a little late and all I saw was The sky is yellow from the reflection of the setting sun

The time to visit here is in the afternoon around 5 o'clock because from morning to noon it is quite hot here due to the reflection of the sun from the east. When I got here, the people had gone home, only a few sales people and visitors were left here

This place is still not allowed to set up shops or kiosks by the local government because this place is still under construction

There is a lot of food sold here and drinking water such as coffee and others. Sellers carry their goods by car or cart so they can take them home .
Because I got here late so what I can still buy is meatball skewers which are quite cheap, namely in one skewer IDR 1000

This food is my favorite because the taste and spiciness are tempting nyam yum hehe

Alright friends, enough here for our meeting for today, look forward to my next post. Thank you very much for your visit my greetings @yahli