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We are all constantly looking for platforms that suite our needs and give us a sense of belonging. That is why we are stirred in the direction of web2 platforms like twitter, snapchat, tiktok, among others. I for one used to be a strong user of twitter and I have read how some people deactivate and delete their accounts due to the toxicity. I still use twitter but not as heavily as before. We use these platforms because previously, they were all we had and the idea of web3 platforms was not fully grasped.

So, what has changed? Web3 platforms have come with the promise of correcting a lot of the wrong web2 platforms have ongoing and put the power back into the hands of the public. Do I have your attention? Are you interested to know more? I hope you are because there is a lot to be excited about. These platforms have granted users the opportunity to do what they want with their accounts as far as it respects others of course. Instead of using your data and internet connectivity to browse these platforms not get anything in return, why not get involved with the revolutionized platforms.

Hive As A Web3 Platform

Hive, is a cryptocurrency web3 platform that offers a lot of positives to its users. It is a social media platform that focusses on engagement and interaction but has a more element and substance to it. Users have the chance to earn upvotes for contents published in the form of rewards which is in cryptocurrency. The native currency of the platform is the hive coin and users have the chance to earn in other tokens which are of monetary value. We will delve more into what you can earn as we progress in this article.

SEO for Hive

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It is a blockchain and this fact alone is the basis for the functionality of the platform. It allows hive to be decentralized and allowing every user to have complete control of their account. What is interesting about this is that, it is for everyone whether you are male, female, young or old, hive is for you. We do not discriminate on hive and no matter where you come from, what you believe in and what you look like, no one holds it against you.

If you are into blogging and you are looking to have a wider audience for your articles, hive has the best audience for you and you could also earn on it. Blogging normally takes precedence and somewhat overshadows the other aspects one could use hive for but blogging is just the tip of this blockchain platform. If you are not into writing, and into things like dancing and music, you have the best audience. If you are a gamer feel free, engage with hivers and monetize your content.

One thing you should know is that while having the chance to make money for your work on hive, it should not be all you focus on because quite frankly, no one owes you an upvote. You strive and build yourself up on the blockchain to grow an audience. That is why is social media, engage with others and they will engage with you.

With hive, you learn a lot about other people, culture, and a lot about the world. You do not do it in a toxic environment but a more positive, cohesive system where everyone strives to better themselves make others better as well.

Other Features That Make Hive Standout

Like I already said, hive is a blockchain which means if you know what a blockchain entails, hive probably has the same. Let's get into it.

First and most important in my opinion, security on hive is top notch. Blockchains are protected by cryptography which is so much more secure than web2 and traditional banking systems. Bear in mind that hive is financial and so if one gets compromised, you could lose all your money. Users are provided with a 2 key system to help protect their accounts; private keys and public keys when they sign up. These keys are long and made up of alphabets and numbers just to make it difficult for hackers and other people to memorize. You choose where you keep these keys because it's up to you to protect your account. You either choose cold wallet or hot wallets.

SEO for Hive

Screenshot of my account from hivestats that show my activities

Secondly, hive encourages transparency. Have you heard the saying "blockchain never lies", it means that literally. The hive blockchain has a distributed ledger technology which record everything everyone does on the platform. All posts and comments you make, corrections you make to them, every transaction you make is recorded. This way, it gives the entire community a chance to see what you do. Since hive is monetary, if there is disagreement with let's say two parties over a transaction, we can quickly refer to the ledgers and pull out of the records the exact details of the transaction. This way everyone is happy and no one is cheated.

In addition, hive is open source. This means every use has the freedom to use the software and make changes to works. You do not have to wait for the programmer to make changes to a work for you. Once you have a good project, you can modify the codes to develop something useful for the blockchain.

Hive promotes anonymity. Blockchains and cryptocurrencies were created with the promise of anonymity. Not everyone wants to be known and hive can allow that. You can pretty up sign up with whatever username you feel comfortable with. You do not have to add you picture if you do not and you most definitely do not go through Know Your Customer, KYC verification. You can exist on the platform for years and no would ever know what you actually look like. In line to the second point about transparency where we all can see what you do with your account, this feature also helps because you can be anonymous while your account is transparent.

SEO for Hive

Users making videos on 3speak

Hive provides so many ways to earn. Hive allows you to be creative, bring about good projects and earn support. If you do not want to be a content creator, you can simply invest in hive, hodl it in anticipation that it rises and makes good profit for you. You could also power it up or stake for hive power while using that hive power to grow you influence on hive and supporting content creators with upvotes. You earn passive rewards for staking and curation rewards which all help you in making more money.

Second Layer Tokens On Hive

Hive like I have been saying offers so many earning ways. Hive supports a lot of second layer tokens you can invest in. Some are cheap with a lot of use cases and some have already taken off and doing very well in the market. We have leo, bro, lgn, IUC, alive, bee, neoxag, dbln, woo, and whole lot more.

SEO for Hive

Screenshot from hive engine

The most interesting and exciting second layer token right now is the leo token. It is a utility token for leo finance that is seeing great improvements right now. It has an overwhelming community that is doing so much to make leo known and have a very strong market dominance. BTC is currently the cryptocurrency with the with highest market dominance and so when it sees a price change it affects the others. Leo has been doing so well recently resisting that dominance and still having a good market value.

The second layer tokens on hive have good liquidity which makes them tradable on hive.

Hive Gaming And Hive dApps

Games on hive are a big part of the blockchain. These games are free to play (F2P) and play to earn (P2E). Most of these games allow you to earn their in game currencies and also NFTs. These NFTs and currencies can be traded with other users for money.

SEO for Hive


The NFTs are important because when you purchase a weapon for instance it works just like an NFT It is only for you. There are a lot of games you can play which include adventure, fighting and shooting games, wrestling games, skating games and games that involve music.

Games like splinterlands (spl) are strategic games where you have to set up your cards strategically for battle. Other games like Gods unchained and WOO are fighting games. Games like quest for stoken game is a skating game where the player is on a quest to kill monsters.

SEO for Hive

Ecency dApp

Hive has dApps that help with user experience. They help you to use the platform smoothly and appreciate it. dApps like peakd grant you an in depth outlook into hive and ecency does same and rewards the user with ecency points used to upvote posts.

Hive keychain and hive engine helps you to have a more detailed look into the second layer tokens. You can trade them on hive engine and on leodex

To conclude, hive is web3 platform that gives users the chance to have their freedom to have control over their accounts and assets. Hive has a lot of communities that allows users to identify themselves in. There's a sports community for sports talk, family and friends for family stuff, hive gaming community for games, hive Ghana for Ghanaians, hive marketing for marketing hive. Hive allows you to do all these anonymously and transparently while keeping your account safe.

Thank you.

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