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This is my long journey along the Blang Pandak waterfall, Tangse district, Pidie district, Aceh.Blang Pandak Village is a village located at the foot of the Halimon, Ajibon and Mount Leuhob mountains.

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Blang Pandak village children are playing in the yard of a resident's house

Because the village is located in the mountainous area mentioned above, of course the area has natural beauty that is very interesting to visit, one of which is the Blang Pandak waterfall.


This Blang Pandak waterfall flows from the Leuhob (mud) mountains and there is no access road pointing to the waterfall. To reach the location of the waterfall, we followed the river which is the only path to the waterfall.


Down the river to the waterfall is not easy, because there are many rocks that are slippery and also rocky, especially in that area very rarely people come to the location of the Blang Pandak waterfall, of course we have to clear the path from the bushes to make the trip easier.


On the way to the cliffs, we also had to climb several cliffs manually, not using the SRT set. The location of the Blang Pandak waterfall is from the last village, if there is a normal route, it only takes about an hour's journey, but we have to go along the river and our journey is very relaxed, so we spend approximately four hours of travel.


Blang Pandak Waterfall cannot be photographed in its entirety because it is blocked by bushes that grow around the location of the waterfall.
Just a few posts from my old trip down the Blang Pandak waterfall, I hope my friends like it.
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