What do I think about the LEMON CASH card?



Being Argentinean and a credit and debit card user, I notice some advantages over lemon cash, since the Argentinean peso is devaluating more and more, and in these months it was something very big, seeing the dollar soaring from 220 to more than 300 Argentine pesos per dollar.
Currently I like lemon, as it gives you for every purchase you make, you get 2% cashback in BTC.

You can choose to pay with BTC, ETH, USDT, DAI and Argentinean pesos, giving you the option to save and earn while you make your daily purchases almost obligatory, helping you to get into this crypto world.

Compared to the binance card to get better cashback percentages you need to have a lot of dollars in BNB, which perhaps most of us don't have.

And tell me, it's a beautiful card, isn't it?
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I want to tell you that I'm not promoting Lemon, I'm just giving you my opinion, I really don't see the negative side of it, besides it has weekly interests with some cryptos that you have, a new way to save.


Minimum amount you need to hold for the whole week to make a profit:
➡️ USDT: 0.53942279
➡️ DAI: 0.53942279
➡️ USDC: 0.53942279
➡️ BTC: 0.00002658
➡️ ETH: 0.00093062
➡️ ADA: 0.88072784
➡️ DOT: 0.08429927
➡️ SOL: 0.01761967

Information taken from

Official lemon website

All information was taken from their official website: Official lemon support site

If you want to know more, here is the link to their official website, always check this point so you don't participate or have problems with your assets: Official lemon website

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