How not to play with Sion, chapter 8 - League Of Legends

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How not to play with a champion: Chapter 8

Very good Hive Gaming community in another episode of how not to use a champion, today with SION, a top line of my favorites and fun to use, there comes a point of the game that you practically become unbeatable, unfortunately not I know which game to show you of the 3 that I recorded, all 3 were a disaster, the first I played with friends and the enemy jungler disconnected after 10 minutes or so, the second I played alone but our jungler was trolling, not reaching his objectives and so on , the third I think is the best to bring them, show them that no matter how much you do magic as a player, lol is still a team game, and we will always depend on the performance of our team or in worse moments of the majority of it. Here we see how they argue, they fight among the team, which distracts and does not help the team to seek victory, bad decisions that anyone could make becomes a mockery for the team and thus the fights and discussions in the chat become a waste of time valuable in a game. Lately I've been playing ranked, more than anything as a support and I think it's one of my favorite roles, then I went to jungle and finally top, neither mid nor adc I like to play them, I see them as boring and with champions that I still can't get, when I may have akali, sylas would like me to replace the positions. I will show you the abilities of sion, a great champion to have as a tank in the game

The passive means that once he dies, he will be able to continue standing attacking for a few seconds.

When you charge this powerful attack you can stun enemies, you don't need to charge it to make a simple ranged attack

You put on a shield that, in addition to shielding you and doing damage when it explodes, increases your maximum life

An attack is launched in a direction that if it is an enemy champion slows it down for a few seconds

With the ultimate, Sion runs like a bull towards a long direction, you can redirect it with difficulty, Sion upon reaching the place or colliding with a champion stuns him for a few seconds

The videos and images were obtained from the official league of legends site:

Some errors to highlight in the game that I will show you is the little teamwork, our team did not make an effort to seek victory, more in writing, bothering the other, arguing with the enemy and others, from mistakes you can learn , and unfortunately I am having a hard time leaving the bronze rank and going to silver, with a little desire so I can put aside the trolls, afk and people who simply do not play according to their experience

There is a point in the game that a herald shot badly, also due to an error on my part, errors can occur, I think that this determined the defeat of the game, but I think that it could have been used much better, but also the difference It lies in the little help from the jungler in the fights, I think he was more concerned with farming than ganking or helping in the battles, and I think the jungler is a crucial part that if he fails can determine the game

I think I'm reporting a lot of people, but they don't change anything, since at most they take away the honor and cancel the use of in-game chat, but they can still be trolls


I had a high participation in kills, apart from farming and others, I think that overall I played well, I gave my best, but truly speaking, there are many users who do not help in the game experience

I will translate what it says in the image, we had green, that is, positive Good duelist and good vision, we had chances of a good split pusher, at minute 18 I stopped having that advantage in my line, and we were defeated beyond having an advantage of almost 5000 gold, approximately 2 items. This speaks of the team performance we had throughout the game

Despite the negative, you learn from these games, and although Sion is not a champion where no matter how much advantage I have, I could never do a pentakill without the help of my teammates, since he is very slow and in wars of The team will almost always ignore my champion and go against the weakest to leave me as the last target, likewise I was wrong several times to go to battle, thinking that my teammates would follow the tank to be able to do a kill, which was not the case , and in the game I show it by showing where my teammates are at the moment I die

This user started to flame when he killed me, not only me, and my mistake there is to answer his flammer, I don't get angry or tilt, but there are people who can use this to their advantage for those who get angry very quickly so they can quit or leave the game or play a little badly, even so and as the name indicates, in translation (violated 01) it is someone idiot, you should not pay much attention

I also recommend using this app to help you select objects, runes, champions to counter enemies and more, it is a fascinating tool to start and learn much more easily, I leave the link of my referral below for them to download it

I hope that this game is to your liking, I will be bringing you more battles, from here I will show my progress in LOL and as I am growing in the ranks, I am looking forward to being able to climb in it and improve the level

I want to invite you to my Twitch channel to follow and support me, I am almost every day playing league of legends, TFT and also doing rising star game raffles, the user will leave them big below


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Thanks for reading, huge hug from ydaiz⭐

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