Week 142/ Pretty Without Sex or Ugly with Sex/ Which Prefirias?


Good looking but no sex:
You can be good looking but never have sex again, or ugly and have lots of sex. which one would you choose and why?


Happy weekend hive friends, today I join the initiative of friend @galenkp and in his choices I'm going to answer this last one that caught my attention and that I know many will support my answer.

First of all, I already consider myself pretty hahahaha, if I were perhaps prettier and never have sex, I would prefer to be ugly and have my share of affection frequently, I would compensate one thing with the other and I would do it with pleasure hahahaha.

I have seen how many people could choose the first one, but deep down they would be people who would live sad in a way, because it is not that only people think about sex, but you know it is scientifically proven that sex is beneficial to health, especially in emotional and psychological health which is the most related to love.


Being in love is a wonderful feeling, I have experienced it, likewise, sexual practice relieves stress and as I told you is beneficial for mental health, because during sex the body releases a cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters that help calm us and make us feel safe and secure.

There are many people who constantly suffer from depression or low self-esteem and many doctors deduce that they have not had sex frequently. That feeling of affection and desire seems unbelievable, but it improves self-esteem, gives you security in a way and makes you feel sexier.

The feeling of desire keeps us alert in a certain way, lowers our stress levels and directly influences our mood, because a sexually satisfied person radiates joy and security.

This as I told you is directly related to the change of mood, so I would rather be ugly but happy hahahaha.


Some time ago I met a lady who had to be taken to the psychiatrist from time to time, she was a spinster and was over fifty, her niece told me that she was medicated because she had no partner and her mood was compromised and from time to time she found casual partners so that she somehow did not decompensate, at first I did not understand it because she was very young, but over time I read about studies that talk about how the lack of sexual activity affects moods.

However, I have also known of prostitutes who, because they engage in sexual practice, end up faking many sensations and eventually become insensitive, I do not know if it is entirely true, but it seems logical to me.

It is different to enjoy this practice frequently than to perform it as a job, in the same way from any point of life, sex allows a greater understanding in the couple and a constant harmony, it is as if there was a physical synchrony of which you would understand me.

Thanks to my friend @galenkp for his weekly proposals in which I love to participate, here is my answer, happy weekend.

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I agree! The one who doesnt get sex is ugly (just kidding) 😂😂😂

If im ugly and get sex.. I am not ugly at all...


if that's the condition then it's better to be ugly hahahahahahahahahaha


What is the use of a pretty face if you cannot get good intimacy from another human being!


I agree with you. Sex is something indispensable for many. Better to be ugly but happy!! All the best


Tremendo tema este... a mí me basta con que sepa volar (El lado Oscuro del Corazón) ¿No has visto esa película? Ahí te dejo uno de sus poemas.


No se me importa un pito que las mujeres
tengan los senos como magnolias o como pasas de higo;
un cutis de durazno o de papel de lija.
Le doy una importancia igual a cero,
al hecho de que amanezcan con un aliento afrodisíaco
o con un aliento insecticida.
Soy perfectamente capaz de soportarles
una nariz que sacaría el primer premio
en una exposición de zanahorias;
¡pero eso sí! -y en esto soy irreductible

– no les perdono, bajo ningún pretexto, que no sepan volar.
Si no saben volar ¡pierden el tiempo las que pretendan seducirme!
Ésta fue -y no otra- la razón de que me enamorase,
tan locamente, de María Luisa.
¿Qué me importaban sus labios por entregas y sus encelos sulfurosos?

¿Qué me importaban sus extremidades de palmípedo
y sus miradas de pronóstico reservado?
¡María Luisa era una verdadera pluma!
Desde el amanecer volaba del dormitorio a la cocina,
volaba del comedor a la despensa.
Volando me preparaba el baño, la camisa.
Volando realizaba sus compras, sus quehaceres…
¡Con qué impaciencia yo esperaba que volviese, volando,
de algún paseo por los alrededores!
Allí lejos, perdido entre las nubes, un puntito rosado.
«¡María Luisa! ¡María Luisa!»… y a los pocos segundos,
ya me abrazaba con sus piernas de pluma,
para llevarme, volando, a cualquier parte.
Durante kilómetros de silencio planeábamos una caricia
que nos aproximaba al paraíso;
durante horas enteras nos anidábamos en una nube,
como dos ángeles, y de repente,
en tirabuzón, en hoja muerta,
el aterrizaje forzoso de un espasmo.
¡Qué delicia la de tener una mujer tan ligera…,
aunque nos haga ver, de vez en cuando, las estrellas!
¡Que voluptuosidad la de pasarse los días entre las nubes…
la de pasarse las noches de un solo vuelo!
Después de conocer una mujer etérea,
¿puede brindarnos alguna clase de atractivos una mujer terrestre?

¿Verdad que no hay diferencia sustancial
entre vivir con una vaca o con una mujer
que tenga las nalgas a setenta y ocho centímetros del suelo?
Yo, por lo menos, soy incapaz de comprender
la seducción de una mujer pedestre,
y por más empeño que ponga en concebirlo,
no me es posible ni tan siquiera imaginar
que pueda hacerse el amor más que volando.

(Oliverio Girondo)

La belleza es relativa. Y amiga, apoyo 100% a Isabel Allende cuando dice que el Punto G de las mujeres está en los oídos. Muchos hombres desconocen esta verdad.


Interesting writing.
So it is normal, having sex and even therapeutic. Maybe that's why King Solomon, according to the bible: "the wisest man in the world ", had 700 wives and 300 concubines..... Maybe to avoid a stroke.

And only one boy...

It probably wasn't his.

On the other hand, sex is not inherent in love. Unless you live in Sodom and Gomorrah.
-Grandma!!! Blessing!
-Drop your pants so I can bless you, sonny boy.

God! The things I imagine.

No, it is not inherent to love, because parents today do not copulate with their children to show them any affection.

That is, the phrase we Spanish speakers use "hacer el amor (because in English aprecio is )" is incorrect, but the mass media at the end of the last century, popularized and extended it, as something necessary to show attachment or affection.

For sex, King David slept with the wife of a soldier who was in the war they had against other tribes and "for fear and love of God's laws", he sent him to the front, to ensure his death and perhaps feel that he was free from sin.
He went on to rule after that, but....

Truly, I was sobered by your writing and the contest I found out about thanks to you.
It seems that the weekend is for fucking, but when you want to be with someone, it doesn't matter the day, the time or the place....
Well yes... the place does matter.
Because you can't fuck her in the office in front of everyone... Well, you can... But maybe you'll encourage everyone... to PARTY!
Because it activates the reptilian brain and...
(Chagan, changara cachangan changan... vaaaaaaaaamos negro pa'la conga / Ricardo Montaner "conga")

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