The Ultimate Guide about classic horror story

Many people have different opinions about what a classic horror story is. Some say there must be strange and unnatural violence to force the reader or viewer into a high sense of death. Others argue that daily confident violence poses a risk of hiding behind every corner, while at the same time creating a sense of vulnerability.

Psychological Shock

Many argue that the value of psychological shock is equal to that of classic horror, as such an event makes it impossible to identify and prepare for a psychotic killer by observing his appearance and behavior. Others insist that the classic horror must somehow contain the supernatural because only the unknown horror can bear the blow of the geese.

Improbable Dangers

Some people dream of the existence of supernatural beasts and the dangers that can cause claustrophobic fear because there is no escape. There are even fans who, whether they’re watching a movie, a video game, or can cope with the agony of their imagination when faced with a print or audiobook, experience only classic horror from the horrible details.

Classic Horror

Obviously, classical horror seems to be entirely subjective, and in my experience, this genre has no reaction to anything in people. Either they love horror stories to the point of passion or they are simply afraid to talk about the topic. Horror stories do not cause much indifference.
Abnormal Violence and Supernatural Terror

Unnatural violence, the real threat, psychological shock, unnatural terror, unnatural beasts, unavoidable dangers, and disgusting gore elements, in the original form of one element or a combination of many, can cause horror possible.
However, I personally think the classic horror is disturbing and evokes a growing sense of dread. And out of fear, I mean a surprisingly sharp episode. For me, the classic horror comes from knowing in advance what is going to happen, not what is going to happen.

Don't Misunderstand

As a fan of horror for more than 50 years, I enjoy many of the above elements, in any combination you might think, before I express a sense of dread. But for me, the only thing that constantly haunts me is the constant feeling of fear. Otherwise, I was disappointed that I paid for the opportunity to go completely insane.