#LIL: My image contribution to LIL

Good day hive creatives!
Welcome to my first let's make a collage image library contribution post.
I've got some good nature made images to share with you through the office website which is lmac.gallery.
I took these pictures using my mobile phone Infinix Hot 10.
These images were all taken in Akwa-Ibom state Nigeria.
Below are the images

Corn leaf corn, corn leaves, plant, nature, leaves, grass, farming, agriculture, crop, food
Purple flower flower, flowers, purple flowers, nature, plant, grass, weed
Purple flower morning glory, flower, flowers, beautiful, nature, grass, runner, weed
Coconut tree plant, coconut, coconut tree, food, eating, meal, agriculture, tree, tree images, nature
White flower white flowers, flower, flowers, nature, plant, weed
Pineapple pineapple, pineapple fruit, pineapple plant, crop, plant, tree, agriculture
Flower bud morning glory, plant, weed, grass
White flower white flowers, flower, flowers, nature, plant, weed
Yellow flower yellow flowers, flower, flowers, nature, plant, weed
Farmland tree, landscape photography, farm, farming, palm trees, trees, agriculture, farmland

You're welcomed to use all the images as they're free for use and can be gotten at the office LMAC website lmac.gallery

Thanks for stopping by to check out my photos