Ted & RIPD's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (29-30/49)



I'm absolutely sorry, I'm about two weeks late and I'm coming with a double movie post.

These days I did not have enough time to write about those movie, I'm preparing, creating and working a lot and was trying to get some time to do something which doesn't seem like work :')


I don't have a lot to say about this one for several reasons. Ryan Reynolds has a really really quick appearance, I don't have anything to say about him. The movie doesn't have anything extraordinary (strange for a story about a talking teddy bear). For me there are no major defect or quality.

That's pretty obvious this movie comes from the sick mind of Seth MacFarlane. Only people like him could transform this cute teddy bear into that :') and in my opinion they made it pretty well.

The bad side of this and it's only my opinion, is I don't like the "vilain". I found all of the story to go a little too fast while there are a lot of things to say about that magical being.
I really think, if the quality don't fall,Ted would earn a lot by being a tv show.

It would be nice to see longer how tan can manage his special life and maybe to see him becoming a better person 😅

If you don't really like drugs comedies you will probably don't like that movie at all because that's all you have.


I remember that I watched it only few months ago.

The movie is not as good as I was remembering :') It's not really that bad but.. I don't really know what they tried to make, I don't really know how is focused by the producers to watch this.

There is the usual and cliche scene with Ryan Reynolds and his girlfriend at the beginning, in the morning in their white bed saying to each other how much they are in love, talking together for the last time before one of them die or disappear (exactly like in Safe house but a little better and less awkward)

There are some things which doesn't make any sense, like the dead cops know that indian food make the people who are dead but did not reach the sky become monsters but they don't really know why. Maybe the "cumin". And they use and and yes that's that.
Like they exist for probably thousand of years and never really tried to figure out why, they continued to buy indian food each time they needed to catch one until Ryan Reynolds comes.

And the reason why a lot of dead people are not reaching the "even or hell" is because there are too much human dying each day so they are unable to catch them all, but the artifact the vilains are building is 3000 years old built by one like them.
3k years ago the humanity was around 2-300 millions people. We were 20times less, so if at this moment there were enough people to avoid the death trial and create those artifacts dammit that means this RIPD never worked or they are absolutely missing most of them when on earth because they are probably half the current population.

The humor is pretty rude, I mean, most of the jokes are about Jeff Bridges looking at women and saying he did not have sex for too long, and he loves his hat and is in love with the boss of the dead police. The rest of the movie is a common action comedy with pretty bad visual effects trying to be too realistic.


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Thanks for your reviews. I really enjoy Ryan Reynolds movies. These are 2 I haven't seen however.



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