First unofficial official rejection

When I graduated from the university in 2018 I had a lot of fears. I had the fear of falling out with most of the friends I had learned to love, getting into new spaces and getting rejected by potential employers.

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10 days ago, I finally got invited for my first interview and was a mixture of excited and scared. I was excited because I couldn't believe they had looked through my portfolio and found me worthy enough for an interview but then I was scared because I didn't know what to say or what to expect from them.

At first, I thought it was a group interview or just a zoom meeting with a lot of people but eventually, I realised that it was just me, the CEO and the front-end developer. I hoped from the beginning that I wouldn't need my camera turned on but the moment they requested that they wanted to see my face, I felt like a goner.

For some reason, I kind of knew I would get rejected but I still kept my fingers crossed because you never know how bad the other interviews went. I guess this is just another loss and like all my friends say, I'm getting close to my win.

I wasn't really pleased with their salary offer and I figured the offer I gave them was probably part of the reasons I got rejected. I can totally understand that because I told them that I would not be willing to work for any amount below $110.

The crazy part is that agreeing to that amount felt like I was underselling myself but I said it because the other amount I mentioned made the interviewer flinch a little. I didn't want to seem too desperate for the job or seem like I didn't need it at all and I think I presented myself pretty well.

Moving on, I'm still working on my skills. I want to get so good that companies like these look at my portfolio and consider me overqualified for them. I have a huge ego and this rejection just fueled my desire to keep getting better.

At the moment, I have just one task ahead of me that would have been rounded up today but got postponed to next week. This means I have a lot of free time and the opportunity to get my work in order and create an amazing job. Hopefully, I'll win a prize along the way or maybe an internship position at the end.

I'm hopeful and enregised. Wish me luck.

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Exactly what i was telling a friend..

You can't be working for less than an hour and be happy..

I mean request for your worth and if they reject you because of your worth, move on and keep improving your skills