Getting paid to learn and the journey so far


One of the best quotes I've heard in a while is that "destiny meets preparation". I can't remember exactly where I heard it but it has made me see things from a different perspective and understand failure whenever it comes.
We're hardly ever fully ready for things when they happen to us. My first and second portfolio presentations were a complete flop not because I was incompetent but because I wasn't ready. Competence comes from consistently trying and I believe I'm only incompetent when I stop trying.

I began my design journey sometime in February and since then, I've received about $100 in grants and support from different sources that have made the learning journey worth it. While I haven't gotten a job yet, I've been encouraged financially to keep learning.

Today, I received about $55 as a reward for kicking ass at my recent presentation and I couldn't be happier. Right after receiving the alert and publicly thanking the people who sponsored the hackathon, one of my team members who left the project when we had barely done any work sent me a message about taking all the praise and how he feels bad that he can't add it to his portfolio.

The entire project had 50 pages, including wireframes and out of those pages he designed only 2 wireframes. I designed at least 35 of those pages AND redesigned all 50 pages when our supervisor complained about our choice of colours and the entire UI.

For this reason, I have chosen to ignore the sorry bloke and move on to think about how best I want to spend my newly acquired wealth.

My experience and reward is a major proof that destiny meets preparation and I have a long road of preparation to meet more destinies.

I recently acquired a course on HTML and CSS because I feel the next step I need to get into will be UI programming. While I know I still have at least 6 months of intense Product design training to attain my real mastery, I think I'm ready to start picking up bits and pieces of my next quest.

I'm still eagerly in need of employment so just in case you're searching for a designer, please hit me up. I have a pretty neat portfolio that will be updated soon.

Thanks for reading.

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