Making My Child's Favorite Toast

Good evening hive friends, how are you all, I hope you are all well, tonight I want to share a recipe for making home-style toast, with simple recipes and ingredients that are very easy to make at home. ![]()

very many toast recipes want it both among children and adults, toast is also very easy to get anywhere, because so many people like it and also sell it, the toast recipe is also fairly simple with a sweet taste and also with different variations.

how to make toast is also very easy and does not take a very long time, the bread is only baked by varying it with toppings according to individual tastes.

for friends who like toast, you can make it yourself at home, besides being economical, you can create your own

The materials needed are.

3 round bread slices
or it could be a loaf of bread

bread maker
or suppressor

skillet or bread pan.


blend of flavors like jam
chocolate, pineapple, and also
blueberries (to taste)
here I use brown mises, because I like the taste of chocolate.

how to make

first step
1 slice of white bread, then in it add butter and chocolate mixes or other creative jams according to taste.

Use a pressure tool to form a loaf of bread until it forms a circle.

heat a teplon pan and grease with butter, bake the bread until it is slightly browned.

lift and serve.

good luck, friends, I hope you succeed, this is one of my children's favorite foods, and this can also make children full.

maybe this is the only recipe that I share this time, hopefully it will be useful for all of my friends, thank you for all your attention, see you again in the next story, if there are errors in writing words, I apologize.


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