Amphibians that live in two places called "Frogs"

Good evening everyone, this is the last Monday night in January 2003 and at the end of this month all agencies will total all the activities they have done for the whole month.

And they will enter the month of February soon and will open a new chapter in living the wheel of life and this event happens to all groups including us photographers.

And to start our meeting tonight I have prepared some beautiful cut items that will decorate the Asean Hive page on @zaenfullmoon account.

All right, to shorten the time, I will describe the behavior of the life of these amphibians. In my opinion, basically these animals are very busy, we can see them in the field and their colors Very diverse and their lives are also many places. Sometimes we see them in the water and brackish and there are also in the thick bushes and covered in weeds.

Frogs are animals that are familiar and very tame with their environment, they will gather somewhere during the rainy season

And they will cheer each other and if we pay attention to their voices, they can be likened to the sound of music.

That is the nature of the frogs, they are very compact in building caravans and this event is not only happening in Aceh but in all regions And what's even more surprising is when the changing of the seasons disappears as if swallowed by the earth, aka they can't be seen by their noses, what's more, their voices are no longer heard like in the rainy season.

And in the picture you see this is one of the group of frogs that has a noisy voice and I found it in the bushes by chance and I tried to find its friend but the result is nil.

In my opinion the frog is a kind of weak animal, it doesn't have a long life span, it will become extinct no more than a year old and replace it he has an egg that will hatch and I have seen the development of this animal myself.

Some frogs can be eaten and this incident has occurred in famous restaurants such as in Japan with special menus that they make for visitors.

According to the recognition of some people in the frog's body stored protein and natural medicine that can be owned by everyone.

And vice versa if in Indonesia frogs are prohibited for consumption and this has been stipulated in state regulations.

That's how it is recorded me tonight I hope you are satisfied with this special news.

Regards @zaenfullmoon ✍️🙏

Aceh Sumatra Indonesia, 29 January 2023.

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a very large frog and its color is very scary, friend