Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
NEOXAG can be converted to NEOXAG POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
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Author reward: 3.0E-7 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rufk8m
Curation reward: 0.17232284 NEOXAG for asean.hive/the-weekly-asean-hive-hot-goss-67-art-critics-aliens-attack-and-guru-materializations
Author reward: 0.00035615 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rudxhm
Author reward: 0.00064077 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rudx3k
Author reward: 0.00328290 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rudwq1
Author reward: 6.20069811 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/the-harvest-season-has-arrived
Author reward: 7.86773390 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/mouth-watering-village-shop
Author reward: 0.00275930 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/ru9h93
Author reward: 10.13092534 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/animal-feed-cutters-are-in
Author reward: 0.00022538 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/ru7qkk
Author reward: 0.00023764 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/ru4owy
Author reward: 0.27722389 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/a-small-hospital-in-our
Author reward: 1.6E-7 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/ru42rh
Curation reward: 0.16775200 NEOXAG for asean.hive/no-post-left-behind-barangay-walks-weighing-ria-enjoying-nature-and-fishermen-at-work
Author reward: 0.00037828 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/ru2stc
Author reward: 0.00068578 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/ru2rpm
Author reward: 1.44454679 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/acehnese-traditional-cake-named-timphan
Author reward: 0.06745178 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/my-motorbike-is-my-life
Author reward: 0.00083735 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/ru0bv3
Author reward: 0.00022408 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rtzi6t
Author reward: 0.12957761 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/the-best-cell-phone-care
Author reward: 0.00039558 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rtvsi3
Author reward: 0.05647661 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/mass-mutual-cooperation-day-in
Author reward: 0.02540989 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rts2yp
Author reward: 0.60004095 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/annual-event-of-the-rural
Author reward: 0.00142501 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rq638z
Author reward: 3.0E-7 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rq62y1
Curation reward: 0.13792820 NEOXAG for asean.hive/the-weekly-asean-hive-hot-goss-55-stomach-ache-festivals-human-gerbils-and-feline-frighteners
Author reward: 0.00013790 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rq2bbp
Author reward: 0.00054172 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rq2avq
Author reward: 0.18671353 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/the-sadness-of-a-cat
Curation reward: 0.14857074 NEOXAG for asean.hive/no-post-left-behind-classrooms-coffee-fried-rice-and-fish-markets
Author reward: 0.00104963 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rprqmj
Author reward: 0.00071014 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rprpwp
Author reward: 5.22142281 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/the-atmosphere-on-the-day
Author reward: 0.00000111 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rpprkx
Author reward: 0.00095121 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rpn0ur
Author reward: 5.6E-7 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rplcmy
Author reward: 0.00000130 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rplcjo
Author reward: 0.00121369 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rplb6v
Author reward: 0.18636732 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rplavp
Author reward: 0.06613770 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/the-struggle-of-a-coolie
Author reward: 0.00110691 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rpgkry
Author reward: 0.00066160 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rpgjm5
Author reward: 0.05550482 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/enjoying-evening-coffee-at-our
Author reward: 0.41796509 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/travel-to-the-city-and
Author reward: 0.04570401 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/amphibians-that-live-in-two
Author reward: 0.00107291 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rp88fx
Author reward: 0.01047718 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/rp7dar
Author reward: 1.84181536 NEOXAG for zaenfullmoon/visited-a-district-level-hospital