NFTs are going lead the next wave of crypto or blockchain adoption and hive blockchain should improve its NFTs functionality

Currently Almost every blockchain supporting NFTs minting trading and holding functionality , ethereum, binance chain, Cardano, deso and hive blockchain all have NFTs functionality because NFTs are revolutionary idia to create, hold and share value in form of digital assets

Cryptocurrency investors interest in NFTs are growing according to Google, searches for NFTs are have overtaken other top papular cryptocurrencies like dogecoin and ethereum that shows NFTs are going to lead in next wave of cryptocurrencies and blockchain adoption



Hive blockchain should improve its NFTs functionality, NFTs minting and trading should be simple and easy currently hive blockchain needs a lot of developments and improvements in order to compete with top NFTs supporting blockchains like ethereum and binance chain otherwise we are going to miss this great opportunity, users are more interested to mint, purchase and hold NFTs but hive is content and blogging focused blockchain we need world NFTs functionality on hive which should be better then other blockchains and NFT trading platforms

What your NFTs trading experience on hive share you suggestions with us how we can improve it?

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