A Piece Of Us



Some days we wanna scream so loud that even our inner voices are being heard.
We wanna say everything in our minds with no regrets.
If only the world could tell the things that go through our minds and heads every second of our lives.
If only they could see the sadness in our eyes
Where our lips fail to utter the things our hearts wish to say.
Most times silence isn't always the best option but we were forced to believe otherwise.
Who deceived us into believing that everything should be hidden and nurtured in our hearts even if it hurts and we wish to scream and let it all out?
Why make us create room for so much negativity that our entire storage house (heart) is filled with it?

I leave you with a stanza of this piece tonight.

A Little pain! A little Scar!
Makes a whole world of difference.
Take it or leave it, we'll never be the same.
Bruised, shattered, and broken
Not our wish, yet it was granted.
We never truly get what we want.
Life only gives us what we never asked for.
Little tears! Little fears!
I give to everything dear to me
Lay still and let the ocean wash them away.


My dear viewers and readers!
Thank you guys for being my source of encouragement here, with all the time you dedicate to my blog with your upvotes and reblog, your comments, and feedback as well.
Your support is my biggest encouragement and I will always be grateful for it

              13 November 2021